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Michael Tomlin (born March 15, 1972) is the current head coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the American Football Conference. Tomlin is the third youngest head coach in any of the four major North American professional sports. He is the tenth African-American head coach in NFL history, and first in Steelers history. With the Steelers' victory in Super Bowl XLIII on February 1, 2009, Tomlin became the youngest head coach to lead his team to a Super Bowl victory.


Super Bowl XLIII champion


Mike Tomlin
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Submitted by Cleotis Johnson (not verified) on

Coach Tomlin,
I want to be the first to commend you and your team for a great season. I was proud to be able to view the playoff games against Cincinnati and Denver. Although you all did advance against Bengals but not against Denver the season was a success despite the health status of your team.
Well I am writing for an opportunity to visit your open or public camp this year. My nephew played five seasons with your team (David T. Johnson) but now with San Diego. I am a devout Steelers fan win or lose.
I am a retired U.S.Army Master Sergeant, and would love a opportunity to visit team and meet players. I played college Football at NCA&T Greensboro NC.
I currently work for the Raleigh USPS Postal Service in IT (Wireless).
I enjoy the sport as I mentioned played running back. I know and feel that next season your team will return to playoffs and will advance to the Super Bowl, hopefully your team will be much more healthy.
Coach Tomlin I know you started your coaching career at Arkansas State -l turned down a scholarship to Arkansas State to go to Central State Ohio.
Well, Coach Tomlin if you can find time in schedule to write me back it would be much appreciated.

I thank you for taking team to playoff but if you all stand fast and the team returns next year in great shape then we can make it to the big dance...only the Lord knows...take care and much success in the upcoming year. there are great many Steelers fans here in North Carolina. :)


Cleotis Johnson
Raleigh NC

Charlette Covington 's picture
Submitted by Charlette Covington (not verified) on

Coach, I was raised in Wilkinsburg, but live in Norfork, not far from where you went to college. Please encourage your players, others coaches, and owners to get involved in helping to find these ANIMALS, who killed these people in COLD BLOOD. Also, our African American community is SUFFERING, in Pittsburgh. Mainly, East Pittsburgh Wilkinsburg, Homewood, East Hills. You guys can make a difference. I LOVE MY STEELERS!! I expect you guys to STEP UP!!!!!

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Submitted by Mr. Lynn Wiston (not verified) on

Although I am a Giants fan, Mike Tomlin is my favorite coach. His character, dignity, and class typifies the Rooney organization, and what the Steelers are all about. The Steelers organization is simply the best of all teams in any professional sport. And I deeply admire coach Tomlin when he visibly wears the cross of Jesus every game. There are no words to describe his faith. God bless coach Tomlin, the Rooney family, the Steelers, and all the Steeler fans - all of them are great.

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Submitted by Milan Bajich (not verified) on

Dear Mike Tomlin,
Congratulations winning the division this season. The game on Christmas day, was amazing! It was such a back and forth game making it even better! I'm so glad you guys could win it, especially against the ravens. Winning that game got you guys the third seed in the AFC Playoffs. So being, I think we should not rest our starters. I personally think we should have our starters play the first half or so, then bring in the backups. Resting our starters could ruin our rhythm, and possibly injure our players the first game back against the sixth seed team. For instance, January 4, 2014, the Indianapolis Colts overcame a 28 point deficit because many key Chiefs players got hurt. They got hurt because their bodies hadn't had the contact in multiple days because they were rested against the San Diego Chargers a week before. So Mike Tomlin, please do not rest our starters the whole game against the Cleveland Browns. Once again, congrats on the division title.

Pat Roth's picture
Submitted by Pat Roth (not verified) on

I maybe just a simple fan of the Steelers for the past 30 years ,but it seems to me that when you can't control your coaches,you can't control your players.I was at the Pittsburgh/Seattle game and all I could see in pregame warm ups was everyone more concerned about their Dance moves and looking stylish.Maybe coach Tomlin can put some class back into the team .I thought football was a man's sport and not about your tattoos,earrings and your pretty hairdos.Suck it up and maybe you can all get past your egos,have some pride and maybe some professionalism,and you maybe a real football team again

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Submitted by Roderick Coffman (not verified) on

Coach Tomlin... I have been a Steeler fan since 1971. I bleed black and yellow. I really admire your coaching style and I love the team that you and the Steelers organization has assembled this year. I really feel this is the year to add another Super Bowl trophy to the collection. I love your demeanor of appearing to being cool, calm, and collective at least in front of the camera ;). I'm sure that you can be a real disciplinarian in the locker room. I often hear players and coaches talk about the love of the game and how important it is to also have fun on the field. I too believe that this is important. However, with the squad that you have this season I would like this as well for the players but at the same time stay focused and disciplined in every aspect of the game and if fun has to be sacrificed for discipline then so be it. This is the season. I would love the Steelers to crush it this year and not lose to teams that we should beat right out. Take no prisoners. Real Steeler football. Laser beamed. And above all, PLEASE crush New England and Baltimore. I'm so excited for the team this year. I wish you great success this season and God bless.... GO STEELERS!!!!

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