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Dwyane Wade is an professional basketball player who currently plays for the Miami Heat of the NBA. Named the 2006 Sportsman of the Year by Sports Illustrated, Wade has established himself as one of the most well-known and popular players in the league. He had the top selling jersey in the NBA for nearly two years, as he led the NBA in jersey sales from the 2005 NBA Playoffs, until the midpoint of the 2006–07 season.


NBA Championship 2006, 2012, 2013


Dwyane Wade
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Kobie Hubley's picture
Submitted by Kobie Hubley (not verified) on

hello Mr. Wade my name is Melissa and I have a son that is a huge fan and he has had to grow up faster then he should of had too, I am Dying I have lupus ,endometriosis,rehmatoid arthritis,and have had 16operations ,and there is fluid building up around my heart. My son Kobie is awesome,he does house work,looks after his little brother when I cant he helped take care of his dad when he was 5cause he had stage 4 cancer, but he is now in remission ,he Does yard work and piles wood for his aunt and uncle who his aunt just passed from cancer ,he piles wood and does yard work for his grammie,plus he is on the senior basketball team,and throughout the year he plays on two other teams , after school and after he is done helping mE he practices outside in the dark he does good in school and with everything that is going and all my meds we can't afford to get him a jersey or things like that and he sees his friends with things like thAt so I thought if you could find it in your heart and time to send him an email just to say hi would mean the world to him and to me to show him How thankful I am for everything he does I have No other way to show him I tell him all the time but this would be a motivation foR him .

samantha Demoss 's picture
Submitted by samantha Demoss (not verified) on

hello this is samantha demoss i was wondering if you would come to iowa tuesday i live in tipton iowa i am so inspired by u and would like to really meet you in person i am a huge fan would u be able to come down i am writing a paper about you and talk to my english class and just talk about your career and your reguluar life sorry about my typos im just typing really fast cause my class is about over i would really appratite.

Christy's picture
Submitted by Christy (not verified) on

Hello Mr.wade my name is christy jones an I have two little girls Kiley who's 4 and janaya who's 8 an we really. Need some help. We live in a motel do to unfortunate situation my kids mean the world to me an for the past few years things have been rough please help my family my kids have a great Christmas God bless you an thank you

Nicole Phillips's picture
Submitted by Nicole Phillips (not verified) on

Dear Mr Wade,
My name is Nicole , the reason I'm writing you this because my mom is a big fan of yours. FOR the past few years, my mom has watched every game,
The reason I'm writing this is because my mom is a diabetic , she left leg amputee below the knee ( that been about 2 years now) , and she on dialysis. My mom does everything for me even in her present condition. I was trying to save enough money to actually bring my mom to a game but we been struggling since I lost my job, I was or am the sole provider for my house. I'm writing this to see if you out of the kindness of your heart could help me get tickets so I could bring my mother to an actual live game since she doesn't get out much, and if possible let her have a meet and greet with you. If you can make this possible great , I understand how busy you are . Looking forward to hearing from you if it's a yes or no , but wanted to let you know.
Thank you.

Ramniez Lestage's picture
Submitted by Ramniez Lestage (not verified) on

My son has been a fan of yours since he was 4 yrs old now he's 12 , it would be great if he could get a seat close to the floor and also your autograph, his name is Malachi lestage , his birth day is February 9 ,

Ana's picture
Submitted by Ana (not verified) on

Hi my name is ana iam a single mother of 4 boys and 1 girl and i have a 6yr old son name oscar that has celebral palsy and also has leukemia he is a big fan of u and i would like to make hes dream come true to meet you .

Barry Tompkins's picture
Submitted by Barry Tompkins (not verified) on

Mr. Wade, I recently moved to Fort Lauderdale to care for my Grandfather, I took a career change and working on 100 % commission for a company who renovates 5 star hotels.
My Grandfather would love to meet you to shake your hand, he always talks about how much you and your wife do for the public, he has gotten me now watching the games, if by any means there would be an opportunity to make this happen it would completely flatter him, he is 76 soon to be 77 , he just got results back of a hi PSA meaning his cancer is slowly growing so possibly he may be taking more chemo.

Thanks Barry Tompkins

Donny McCuien's picture
Submitted by Donny McCuien (not verified) on

Dwayne wade you are my favorite basketball player ever since i started watching bassketball in 2010 im only thirteen years old i first became a fan by playin 2k 11 lol but i did a presentation for you at my sachool a while back and i was hoping that you would read it or at least look at it please love you and i voted for you to get in the allstar game this year like ALOT

Mario Luis Rosa's picture
Submitted by Mario Luis Rosa (not verified) on

D. Wade, u have inspired me and my family since since day one the way that I saw u play at Marquette. You have been and will be my all-time favorite athlete. Explode, devour, and most importantly have fun. Forget those refs, they got nothing on you. We need to win the psychological battle. That dunk, six steps and slam a jamma, u got this. Forget Bron, u were the reason he came here. Nothing but love and admiration for what u stand for. ALL-time favorite fan, Mario Luis Rosa

Maricka's picture
Submitted by Maricka (not verified) on

Hi my ñame is maricka and I am your biggest fan. On June 10th I am doing a presentation on you and I was wondering if you can come in and tell my class everything what's going on in basketball. I would love to meet you in person so if you have time please come in to my school I live in Boyne City MI on June 10th and help me with my presentation please
Thanks Dwayne have a good game!

Vivian 's picture
Submitted by Vivian (not verified) on

Stay in Miami. You are what makes the Heat. We are nothing without you.

Jaydyn Martin 's picture
Submitted by Jaydyn Martin (not verified) on

Hi Mr.Wade you were the first person I ever saw watching in the nba I love the way you play ball and I'm going to keep rooting on d-wade even though you moved to Chicago and I've been praying for you and your family for your cousin I'm very sore for your loss I started crying when I heard the news I hope you your family and her kids are alright

Rebecca Webb's picture
Submitted by Rebecca Webb (not verified) on

Hello Mr. Wade,

My name is Rebecca. First welcome back to Chicago. My husband is from Robbins, IL (and he goes by Rudy) and 2 years ago he was stabbed in the head but by the grace of GOD he survived. He suffered 50% of his vision and his right side is paralyzed however again he survived. The reason for me to send this email is because he heard that you were coming to the Bulls and he was excited he wanted me to tell you congratulations and he wish you much success. I hope that this message gets to you to know that you have real fans out here in Mudville.

Thank you,

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