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Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'Connor
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Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'Connor (born 7 November 1996), known by her stage name Lorde, is a New Zealand singer-songwriter. Born in Takapuna and raised in Devonport, Auckland, she performed in various singing and drama classes as a child, and at the age of thirteen signed with Universal. Yelich-O'Connor adopted her stage name due to her fascination with "royals and aristocracy", but felt the name Lord was too masculine so added an 'e' to make it more feminine.

Her musical debut was an EP, entitled The Love Club, which was released in November 2012, and her first single, "Royals", debuted at number one on the New Zealand Top 40, and also reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2013, making her the first New Zealand solo artist to have a number one song in the United States. Her debut album, Pure Heroine, was released in September 2013, receiving critical acclaim and commercial success worldwide.

Her work has earned her numerous awards and accolades. In October 2013, she jointly won the 2013 Silver Scroll award for "Royals", which celebrates outstanding songwriting achievements in original New Zealand pop music. For the 56th Annual Grammy Awards, Lorde received four nominations, in which she won Song of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance for "Royals". In February 2014 she was chosen International Female Solo Artist at the BRIT Awards.


P.O. Box 3455
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New Zealand


Joe Fleener's picture
Submitted by Joe Fleener (not verified) on

Dear Ella,

Hi neighbour. Well, OK you’re not exactly a neighbour. You live on The Shore and I live out East. But we both live in Auckland and now you’re a big name in the country where I was born.

Let me say up front… I’m old enough to be your father, if I listen to “pop” music at all it is generally “pop” music from the 80’s, and more often you will find me listening to classical or jazz. That being said, I have listened to your album Pure Heroine. Actually, I’ve listened to it several times. I’ve also read a few “lyrics” sites trying to get an accurate picture of the content of your songs.

From what I can tell critics, fans, and just about everyone (except Miley Cyrus, I guess) are very excited about this album and particularly your first two singles, Royals & Tennis Court. People seem to be gushing over everything from your voice, your age, being from New Zealand, all that hair, the rhythms, the lyrics, and more!

I will admit the rhythms in your songs are captivating. Certainly a breath of fresh air compared to most of the other noise that is played over the airwaves today claiming to be music.

However, I was more interested in your lyrics. And your future.

I was drawn to listen as I wondered, “what does a kid from The North Shore sing about?” I see many are saying you “capture what it is like to be young.” I suppose that is true to some extent.

Here are some of my thoughts as I’ve listened to and read your lyrics.

Firstly, profanity. I remember when it was hugely controversial when rap artists would use profanity in their songs and even then the “F” word was rare. As I listened to Tennis Court, which is being played over the sound systems of shops everywhere and heard that word, I thought “I guess it is just commonplace today for a 16 year old girl to use profanity publicly, no one even thinks twice about it.”

Secondly, rebellion. Of course, rebellion almost defines being young. Yet, it is difficult at times to tell what you are rebelling against. Are you rebelling against the sensational lifestyles of pop stars? Are you rebelling against the restrictive expectations of older adults? Are you rebelling against all that is going wrong in the world?

Thirdly, drinking. In at least two of your tracks you make direct reference to drinking and it seems to be clear that you’re not referring to ginger beer. In A World Alone and 400 Lux your lyrics clearly glamorize drinking. In 400 Lux is seems like the drinking is occurring in a car to make matters even worse. In a country that already has a serious teen drinking problem this is very disappointing.

Fourthly, despair. This is the most significant to me. In Buzzcut Season you sound like a girl who is unable to find meaning in life, so you just live by the pool and try to ignore reality. In Still Sane you sound like a young lady who is trying to convince yourself that you won’t become the next teen pop star whose life will end in a complete mess, yet you don’t seem to believe your own rhetoric. In White Teeth Teens you sound like a teen who hasn’t fit in with a particular crowd at school and you are desperately trying to convince yourself that it’s OK not to.

Here’s something to think about, Ella. You’ve shared your thoughts with the world in the form of music and you are going to make a lot of money as a result. Yet, you will still have your thoughts. When the applause stops and the cheers fade away for that day and you put your head on your pillow at night you will still have your thoughts.

Is there meaning in life? Is there a way to make sense of all that is happening in the world? Why doesn’t sex, drinking, partying, fame, money, etc. provide lasting relief from all that seems so messed up in your world?

Let me suggest something to you. There is meaning in life and there is a way to make since of everything and there is a reason why nothing in this world really satisfies.

You see, Ella, you were created by God (the God of the Bible), in His image, and for His glory.

He has made you so that you will never be satisfied until you are satisfied in Him. Yet, you have been determined to live your life without Him, to find satisfaction in all the things He has given but without acknowledging Him. You have sinned against your Creator, the One who is truly Royal, Who rules the Universe from His throne, and promises no crown to those who will not bow their knee to Him.

Yet, at the same time, this same God sent His Son, Jesus Christ into this world. He left His throne, set aside His crown so to speak, put of His royalty, to die on the cross in the place of sinners. More than that, He didn’t stay dead, He rose again in three days conquering sin and death so that all those who confess their sins and trust in Him can have eternal life and find true, lasting satisfaction.

Ella, I doubt you will ever see this letter, yet maybe you will. I am sure some teen and pre-teen girls who love your music will.

For whoever is reading this. Please consider the wonderful news that Jesus died so that your sins can be forgiven and you can find real joy, not only for this life, but for all eternity.

Ella – if you’re ever in the neighbourhood feel free to drop in for a cup of tea (my address is in the book, I don’t have “postcode envy” either) or pop into a service at the church where I serve as a pastor – Howick Baptist Church.

More importantly, get a Bible (there might be one in a drawer in one of the hotel rooms where you are staying), find the Gospel of Mark and start reading about Jesus, then find a Christian who you can talk to about your thoughts.

Kind Regards,

Joe Fleener

kyle smith's picture
Submitted by kyle smith (not verified) on

Dear lorde i miss you so much big time you can have a sleepover tomorrow night meet me at my work ingleburn i started AT 9:30 finishing 2:30 i wish you come to my family room at my house i super love you and your songs you are my favorite top 5 love you

zoe's picture
Submitted by zoe (not verified) on

i hope you get a letter back! tell me if it works!

Katy Power's picture
Submitted by Katy Power (not verified) on

Dear Lorde,
You are my favorite singer. I am nine. Whenever one of your songs come on, I'm trying to sing like you. I don't really like my appearance or any of that other stuff because I want to be more like you. I'm very tan, and you're very pale. See my point already? Please give me tips. Also, any tips for fourth grade? My name is Katy Power! Please remember me! I really like your music, I love the Hunger Games and please respond.

Anonaustin's picture
Submitted by Anonaustin (not verified) on

Stop encouraging the spread of the plague known as religion. Let artists make their songs, tell their story and live their lives. Not everything is a middle finger to God (who might I add doesn't even exist) And I'm pretty sure Lorde would laugh at this and burn the letter. I know I would.

Megan Walter's picture
Submitted by Megan Walter (not verified) on

I'm so excited to see you on Melodrama world tour in March. I've become so much sadder than usual lately and I like to talk to you about it because you are like the big sister I never had. Sometimes I wish I could run upstairs to you and talk to you about how upset I am. Everything makes me so nervous whether it's saying the right thing to my girlfriend to make her happy or thinking about starting college next year and ultimately failing. I just want you to know that I care about you unlike I care about other things. I really hope I get to meet you next year in Arizona so I can give you a letter and or tell you about how much you matter to me. I'm so glad that you exist in my life. Whenever I listen to your music I think "Ella wrote this and sang it because she knew I didn't have the funds or motivation to write and sing it myself" which sounds almost sinful but your music is honestly such a true representation of what my life is like right now. I look forward to hearing from you and I hope you are feeling good in this moment. Thank you for being a part of my life.
Love Megan

Emily's picture
Submitted by Emily (not verified) on

I like your songs

kyle smith's picture
Submitted by kyle smith (not verified) on

Hi lorde I/m your idol thank you for Australia concert that was a spectacular i really love you

Austin Lorasch's picture
Submitted by Austin Lorasch (not verified) on

Now i'm kind of confused. Do you even read these or are these comments just things to make us middle-class folk think we actually mean something as fans? If you do then i just want to thank you for all of the music that you make.. I battle depression and when i listen to your songs and hearing your voice just brings a smile to my face. I don't mean to sound condescending, seeing as i'm only 20, but for being 18 now right? You are one of the most naturally talented artists of this generation that actually makes good music. I appreciate that you actually sing with a purpose rather than just making random songs. You are definitely one of my favorites and i just want to thank you for actually making good music, even though i doubt you'll actually read this. :)

sweetheart 's picture
Submitted by sweetheart (not verified) on

Whatever your going through i jus want to say stay strong... even though u haven't had a response from beyonce there are many ppl who may have read or even gone through what your going through... jus keep on healing ♡♡♡

Anna's picture
Submitted by Anna (not verified) on

Uhh ella do you even read these or see these?? If so please do me a HUGE favor and follow me on instagram @lorde.ella_ Please please please thankyou I love you so much

Jacob Peters 's picture
Submitted by Jacob Peters (not verified) on

Dear Ella A.K.A. Lorde,

Where to start. I love your music, it's so inspiring and deep. Your one of the only artists now a days that actually makes beautiful and meaningful music. Your are my favourite singer EVER!

I'm not going to tell you a soppy story about me being bullied or any of that. Not that, that is a bad thing. But I have this problem where I always want to know what people think of me. And without asking people, I automatically assume that I'm not cool, 'hipster' and I'm weird. I don't know why but I always feel that if I wear a certain piece of clothes. That I'm going to be judged. Your probably wondering what this has got to do with you, Lorde.
Well I always know that when I get home I won't be judged and can sing my heart out to your songs. But then I go back to school and sometimes feel embarassed because people think I'm gay because I listen to Lorde. I want to say that, 'Lorde is for all genders, all ages and all sexualities!' I want to think that but, I can't handle it.

Enough of my 'soppy' story. I hope you read this.
See ya!!!

Emily's picture
Submitted by Emily (not verified) on

Lorde, I saw your recent posting about your eye and skin. If you don't know what is wrong with you, I sincerely think you should get yourself checked out. It could be an autoimmune disease, maybe even Lupus like I have (and apparently also Selena Gomez?). See a rheumatologist, that isn't normal and I don't think that it will go away on it's own.

Tadhg's picture
Submitted by Tadhg (not verified) on

Hi Ella. If you don't know me I'm a youtuber my YouTube name is the girlz. Well I'm not exactly a girl. I am a boy. I'm 10 years old and I am willing to be a mucician actor and comedian with the help of the musician mike de Velta. Lorde I love your singing your song writing is like the story of my life. It's funny cuz when I searched your real name me and you have the same last name (O'Connor). I hope you go on well with your career.

Ps I know you will be successful in your career.

Love your biggest fan Tadhg oconnor/McManus

Marquis McKinnies's picture
Submitted by Marquis McKinnies (not verified) on

You know...
America Loves you
You're just...
A Queen
A Singer
A Dancer
An Entertainer
But most of all...
You're someone we want to see more of.
Keep being awesome! Stay smart, strong, and encouraging!

~We all honor you, Lorde.

Regards, Marquis McKinnies

Brenden Pollard's picture
Submitted by Brenden Pollard (not verified) on

I've been wondering if you are going to come out wih a new album. I liked the first one and I was wondering if you are making a new one.

Julia Peavy's picture
Submitted by Julia Peavy (not verified) on

I would like to share some things about my life and family. At the age of 5 I lost my mother to cancer.

My father raised my younger sister and me by himself for several years. He remarried for a short time.

We were happy to have a stepmother but sad when that marriage ended in a divorce. The divorce was

difficult for the whole family. Soon after, my father was out of work for a number of years. During this

time I was diagnosed with a learning disorder which made school a challenge. With support and hard

work, I was able to graduate from high school through a special program. Since that time my family

has fallen apart. My dad continues to struggle financially, is living in a small motor home and unable to

help me. At 21, I find myself living in a homeless shelter-Rachel’s Women’s Shelter, San Diego, CA. I

am having a difficult time adjusting as the average age of the women in the shelter is 55. All of the

above factors have led me to have stress and anxiety problems. I want to get healthy so I can move

forward. Although shelter life is difficult, I am grateful for counselors who have been trying to help me.

Even though my future is uncertain, I have set goals but need help in achieving them. I would like to

get into permanent housing. I also want to help other people in similar circumstances. This requires

returning to school to further my education. Again having been inspired and uplifted by how you reach

out to others has encouraged me to share my story with you. I would like to become a singer just like

you someday please email me back when you get this message because I would like to get some

training in how I can project my own voice.

kim's picture
Submitted by kim (not verified) on

You gave an awesome performance of "Is there Life on Mars?" You should feel great ....! Wishing you an abundance of love and joy...

Kenny's picture
Submitted by Kenny (not verified) on

Ella, I literally just came made a beat in 5 minutes and thought you would be perfect on it.
Where can I send it so you can hear it?!

Karen D's picture
Submitted by Karen D (not verified) on

I don't know where to ask your permission to use the tune of Royal with some different words in my play about Queen Esther. I want to use it between scenes of all the trouble living at court and change words so it matches the story of the play. It is a non profit / synagogue play that will not charge money. It will be one time live streamed, but dvds given free to cast members. Please give me guidance.

k2sk8's picture
Submitted by k2sk8 (not verified) on

I hope you two team up and go crazy with PR management. Hi. I'll keep this short. I am a bride less than 3 weeks away from hosting the wedding of the century (my own)! Ella & Taylor Swift need to crash my wedding for good PR. Please ask if they would like to be a part of our private yacht wedding as a guests not performers. I am a professional snowboard instructor and my husband to-be is a professional skateboarder who has been in Thrasher magazine. We love independent song writers and original, creative musicians, and are already inspired to play some of their hits (and Ed Sheeran's) at the wedding. Please let them all know the invitation is there, thank you.

Jacob Tame's picture
Submitted by Jacob Tame (not verified) on

I chatted with you, I took a picture with you. Your hair was braided you showed me pictures on your ipad. Even if this chick, was just some random cannon fodder mother fucker. If it was, then. Fuckin I dont care.

Nick Bailey's picture
Submitted by Nick Bailey (not verified) on

You need to make more songs because you are one of the best singers ever and have such a distinct voice!!!

Josh selin's picture
Submitted by Josh selin (not verified) on

So we have the same birthday, I was born in November 7th 1991. I would probably be super nervous and you probably won't even see this message. I'm just a good ol canadian, let's go on a date lol

Dalton Rohn's picture
Submitted by Dalton Rohn (not verified) on

Dear Lorde,
You're not "God" but you are a god. I love and am inspired by your music. I honestly fell in love with you after hearing you're voice and singing on your album, Pure heroine. I would love to collaborate with you, as i am a very well rounded musician and song writer. I'm an American 21 year old who would love to hear from you. Thanks, and i wish you well on your future endeavors. Either way, much love.

Meryk Haven's picture
Submitted by Meryk Haven (not verified) on

I'm filming from July to October and I want to use the song "liability reprise" in the soundtrack. How do I do this right? Thank you. Have a good day.

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