Carrie Underwood

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Carrie Marie Underwood
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Before He Cheats, Jesus Take the Wheel

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Carrie Underwood was the winner of the fourth season of American Idol in 2005. Since that time, Underwood has become the biggest American Idol earner and has sold the fourth largest number of albums in the past decade. She's won six Grammy Awards, sixteen Billboard Music Awards, seven American Music Awards and ten Academy of Country Music Awards. Underwood is the only solo country artist to have a number one song on the Billboard Hot 100 charts from 2000-2010. Underwood has also broken her own Guinness Book record as female artist with the most number one songs on the Billboard charts since 1991. Her original record was ten. Now Underwood holds the record of twelve number ones.


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nicole's picture
Submitted by nicole (not verified) on

My daughter loves when I play how great thou art when its being sung by carrie underwood. Whenever she couldn't relax when I was pregnant with my daughter and even now at three months old when she hears it she calms right down and goes to sleep. She is being baptized Sunday April 19th at 10 am and I wish there was a way for carrie to come to the church in north providence Rhode island on 1 oakliegh have to sing this for my daughter aaliyah.

Anna Gruber 's picture
Submitted by Anna Gruber (not verified) on

I an a huge fun of yours and you are one of my role models. Yes I know that might sound weird.

fan 05's picture
Submitted by fan 05 (not verified) on

We are going to be at the Grand Ole opry the 24th and 25th and I would love for you to play temporary home for my wife. We will be there with our 3 little girls for our 7 year anniversary

Izzie decker 's picture
Submitted by Izzie decker (not verified) on

Carrie underwood is my favorite person ever she inspires me to stand up for what I believe in and be a true hero if I could have one wish it would be to meet Carrie I'd give anything to meet her I love her and I hope she knows I'm her number 1 fan not just because she's famous but because she's an insparation to me and my life and sometimes when I play family with my friends my name is Carrie and my kids name is always Isaiah and what I hope is to grow up and be just like her I LOVE YOU CARRIE !!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

DeAnn's picture
Submitted by DeAnn (not verified) on

My dad passed in April. September 12th would have been their 61st anniversary. My mom had Carrie's song 'how great thou art' video at my dad's funeral...not a dry eye, but a beautiful song. It was my dad's favorite song. I'm taking my 82yo mom to the September 12th concert on her would have been anniversary. She misses my dad so very much. I was hoping that by some small miracle that Carrie would sing 'I'll See You Again' and give a shoutout to my mom, Connie. It would be such a beautiful moment for my mom.

dustin erikson's picture
Submitted by dustin erikson (not verified) on

Dear Carrie Underwood I listen to all of your songs the songs I listen to the most is blown away and a few others I also can relate to each song that you sing oh I think it is cool that u are from Oklahoma i am a person that has been dreaming of meating u in person. I am your biggest fan u and another country music singer ate the top coutry music artist i listen to

Jeffrey D's picture
Submitted by Jeffrey D (not verified) on

Good morning,

My name is Jeffrey Dacus and my wife is a huge fan of Ms. Carrie Underwood, subsequently I am as well (One Flesh One Body) My wife's name is Shannon and Feb. 17th 2016 will be her 40th bday and like many of us it is a milestone we struggle with. My wife is a very strong woman and spent many years as a single mom to 2 boys. We were married on 12-12-12 and she is my everything. I try my best to do for her before I do for myself because she deserves the BEST that life has to offer. Shannon is a GO GETTER and does not stop at achieving her goals, she is currently in school moving forward to achieve her Masters.

My GOAL, as her husband, is to make her 40th birthday one she will never forget. I have taken the first step at doing so by purchasing tickets to Carrie's 03/30/2016 concert here in Denver at the Pepsi Center. My question to you is... Is it possible to meet Carrie? Rather backstage, coffee at Starbucks, Breakfast at Tiffany's I really don't have a preference. LOL!! I just think my wife would be floored at the opportunity (perhaps speechless, which is difficult) of meeting Carrie. Of course I would look like a Knight in Shinning armor but the best part would be the never ending smile across my wife's face to go to the concert and also meet Carrie.

Anything you can do to help me with this DREAM of mine would be appreciated and if you need or would like a picture of my wife I will be sure to include one in our next interaction (my hopes of having a "next interaction") :-)

Jerry Lamparski's picture
Submitted by Jerry Lamparski (not verified) on

Hi, my name is Jerry Lamparski and Im trying so hard to ask Carrie to please just give my friend that was diagnosed yesterday with stage 4 cancer a hello. Joe always refers to Carrie as his future wife. Lol. We all laugh. He has a great, loving family. Friends are by his side also. He lost his older brother 3 years ago to cancer. It seems like cancer will take his family out. Joe is 45, the most loving man I have ever met. Im not sure how much time he has left since this just happend. All I know is he adores Carrie. Im not sure what Im asking for. Maybe a fb wish to him from her. A phone call. I dont know.
He is at St. Johns Providence in Southfield, Mi
Hs name is Joseph Scott Zyzkowski. Please if you can please just give him a little light of hope. Thats all I ask. Thank you so much for your time. Jerry Lamparski

Michelle Lucas's picture
Submitted by Michelle Lucas (not verified) on

Hi my names michelle and i am 16 years old. I have been interested in music since i was very little. I still am interested and am trying to find a way to become a singer like you, but i dont know what to do. Do you have any advice for me?

Jennifer Ferrari's picture
Submitted by Jennifer Ferrari (not verified) on

Just want to say how uplifting a song this is in my life. Keeps me looking up and thanking God everyday and especially through the challenging days that arise. Beautiful song, thanks for recording it!!

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