Johnny Depp

Birth Name: 
John Christopher "Johnny" Depp II
Best Known For: 

Lead in many Tim Burton movies (Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood)
Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Carribean movie franchise

Short bio: 

Johnny Depp is an American actor, film producer, and musician. He has won the Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild award for Best Actor. He rose to prominence on the 1980s television series 21 Jump Street, becoming a teen idol.

Since then, Depp took on challenging roles and "larger-than-life" characters starting with a supporting role in Oliver Stone's Platoon in 1986, then playing the title character in Edward Scissorhands (1990), and later found box office success in Sleepy Hollow (1999), Pirates of the Caribbean (2003–present), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005), Alice in Wonderland (2010), and Rango (2011). He has collaborated with director and friend Tim Burton in eight films.

Depp has gained worldwide acclaim for his portrayals of such people as Ed Wood in Ed Wood, Joseph D. Pistone in Donnie Brasco, Hunter S. Thompson in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, George Jung in Blow, Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean, J.M. Barrie in Finding Neverland and the Depression Era outlaw John Dillinger in Michael Mann's Public Enemies. Films featuring Depp have grossed over $3.1 billion at the United States box office and over $7.6 billion worldwide. His commercially most successful films have been the Pirates of the Caribbean films which grossed $3 billion, Alice in Wonderland which grossed $1 billion, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which grossed $474 million and The Tourist which grossed $278 million worldwide.

Depp has been nominated for major acting awards, including three nominations for Academy Award for Best Actor. Depp won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy for Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street and the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role for Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. He also has garnered a sex symbol status in American cinema, being twice named as the "Sexiest Man Alive" by People magazine in 2003 and 2009. He has been listed in the 2012 Guinness World Records as the highest paid actor, with $75 million.


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Gillian Rook's picture
Submitted by Gillian Rook (not verified) on

Dear Mr Johnny Depp

I saw your bloated face on the news bleating on about a "sweaty
politician"who objected to you putting the 10 million dogs and our native
wildlife under threat by smuggling your dogs into our country from the
rabies ridden USA. I hope your wife gets thrown in jail when her case
comes up in court next week

You are a just an overpaid arrogant two-bit actor who comes from a
dysfunctional country which is a threat to world peace.

I have today added my name to a petition that is being raised across
Australia to have you refused entry in future and to boycott your films.

A Fan's picture
Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on

You are ignorant. Johnny Depp is an amazing actor. Diverse in every genre. His personal life is none Of your business.

juri's picture
Submitted by juri (not verified) on

The problem is to many people like your wife to be searched/where is the dog/
Did they tell you, you looks like George Harrison amber

PB's picture
Submitted by PB (not verified) on

It's time to look at life outside yourself - you need to see again, a spring plant, a bird in a tree, the ocean, the sky - these are the things that matter - I hope you understand.

Lindseyrenee1's picture
Submitted by Lindseyrenee1 on

Johnny I've always been a big fan of you every sense I was little .I have your movies books and much more I will always be a fan of you . I respect you .you are a wonderful artists and actor wise funny loving parent and friend. I injoy watching you in movies . I'm so sorry for your loss . Sweetheart this fan is always here to talk and listen to a friend. I'd be proud to be that person. Your always in my heart .

Christie Bahn Moreno's picture
Submitted by Christie Bahn Moreno (not verified) on

HAPPY Birthday !

Elizabeth Bullman 's picture
Submitted by Elizabeth Bullman (not verified) on

Johnny Depp,
First off I would like to thank you for being and amazing inspiration to me, I honestly don't know where I would be right now without the inspiration you put off. Thanks to you I have the courage to do something great and follow my dreams. I want to be an actor just like you and I hope to meet you one day because it would be a dream come true because not only are you my inspiration but my hero too because in my darkest times watching and reading is what gets me through. You help so many people out of the kindness of your heart and that's what makes you my hero. I want to be an actor yet still have that kindness and joy to me no matter what just like you. So thank you, and I hope one day to be able to tell you this in person because honestly I don't even know if this will ever get to you. But just know even if you werent an amazing actor/musician and I found out about you, you would still be my inspiration and my hero. So thank you Johnny for everything you have done for me even though you don't know what you have done for me.

Aleksandra Ivancic's picture
Submitted by Aleksandra Ivancic (not verified) on

no one is perfect. . . All we can do is our best and our best at the time can be wrong or right, but at the end of the day you only have yourself. So love yourself and then others love can come to you full fold without doubt.
If you trust me I trust you.
Be a beautiful disaster.
Real people will catch you when you fall.
Be kind be honest.

James collison's picture
Submitted by James collison (not verified) on

Me and my dad are obsessed with Vincent price I'm 22 my dad 74 you are my favorite actor! The best in my opinion! I have all of your movies tims and tim burtons books My dad looks just like Vincent price in Edward scissorhands
Its my favorite movie I cry every time when I see Vincent price die in the movie it gets me every time cause my dad looks like him I wish I could get you to sighn my copy of Edward scissorhands DVD but I dought it will ever happen I'm to poor to buy a autographed copy and I never be lucky enough to meet you anyways never stop what your doing love ya johnny.
James cojohnny

peter giglio's picture
Submitted by peter giglio (not verified) on

My uncle was an actor-Joe Peck(Pecoraro) who passed away last September well into his 80's.He told me countless stories of how Mr.Depp took care of him,let him sleep in his office,got him into Hollywood parties,ect when he was down and out.I had lost touch with my aunt(Peck's ex wife)until recently.She told me that Mr.Depp actually tracked her down and reached out with condolences when my uncle died.If this every reaches you Johnny....thanks.

Cadyn's picture
Submitted by Cadyn (not verified) on

Hey Johnny Depp you pry won't respond and that's okay. My friend is a really big fan of yours and he's always been there for me when I took chemo and radiation. I just want to be there for him and return the favor. Can you please send a signed autograph to me so I can surprise him? If you could thank you very much.

steven's picture
Submitted by steven on

i am india your bigggggg fannn

Laura Foreman's picture
Submitted by Laura Foreman (not verified) on

Hey! If you ever get THE NIGHT CIRCUS book so you'll win an Academy Award! It's time and this story could do it for you.

Cody's picture
Submitted by Cody (not verified) on

Dude you should like totally make curse of Lono into a killer movie

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