Jim Carrey

Birth Name: 
James Eugene Carrey
Best Known For: 

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Short bio: 

James Eugene Carrey was born on January 17, 1962, in Ontario, Canada, and is the youngest of four children. He and his family struggled financially, even living in a campervan at one point. But Carrey made his stand-up debut in Toronto after his family got back on their feet. Determined to pursue his dream to be a comic, Carrey dropped out of high school to work on his act. He moved to Los Angeles in 1979 and eventually caught the attention of Rodney Dangerfield, who signed Carrey to open for him during his tour.

Carrey met Damon Wayans on the set of Earth Girls Are Easy in 1988, where both actors played aliens. Wayans and his brother, Keenen Ivory Wayans, recruited Carrey for the cast of In Living Color in 1990, where he quickly became a stand-out with outrageous comedic personalities like Fire Marshal Bill.

Carrey's break-out role was on the film Ace Ventura: Pet Detective in 1994 which was a box-office smash. Later, his performance in Liar Liar in 1997 earned him a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor, and would mark a turning point in his career. Two films that followed, The Truman Show in 1998 and his turn as Andy Kaufman in the biopic Man on the Moon 1999 each netted Carrey a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor.

Carrey has one child with his first wife, Melissa Carrey. They divorced in 1995. He married actress Lauren Holly in 1996, but they split less than a year later.


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Submitted by Paul James Simone (not verified) on

Tell Jim Carrey that I am in entertainment as well and I am very happy fire marshall bill was accepted into the entertainment industry.
And his invisable brother fire marshall jim is looking for him and is the nicest person in the world and the funniest too right now so try and keep up. Im sure you can.
A joke ? How do you put out a fire on the 50th floor ? Tell them thier all wet.

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Submitted by Paul James Simone (not verified) on

jim you still got it, let me prove it.
Where do you go when all else fails ?
Back to the top.
Why do actorsr's lose their grip ?
To find another roll.

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Submitted by steven on

you are on of the best comedy actor i love

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