Demi Lovato

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Demetria Devonne "Demi" Lovato
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"Give Your Heart a Break"

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Demi Lovato is an American recording artist, actress, and philanthropist. She made her debut as a child actress in Barney & Friends. In 2008, she came to prominence as a starring cast member in the television film Camp Rock. She signed to Hollywood Records the same year, and released her debut studio album, Don't Forget, in September 2008. The album sold 89,000 copies within its first week, debuting at number 2 on the Billboard 200 It has since been certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for sales of over 530,000. In 2009, Lovato was commissioned her own television series, Sonny with a Chance. That July, her second album, Here We Go Again, became her first to debut atop the U.S. Billboard 200, selling 108,000 copies in its first week and spawning the single of the same name which became her first to break the top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number 15.

After the release of additional television films and their accompanying soundtracks in 2010, Lovato's personal struggles sent her acting career into hiatus, and saw the closure of her television show Sonny with a Chance after its second season. She released her third album, Unbroken, in September 2011. The album addresses several of her difficulties, notably her lead single "Skyscraper" which became her first single to be certified platinum by the RIAA. The second single, "Give Your Heart a Break", was later certified double-platinum in the United States. The album had been certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America. Lovato served as a judge and mentor on the American version of The X Factor from 2012 to 2013. She released fourth album, Demi, in May 2013 to critical success, selling 110,000 copies within its first week, becoming her highest opening week to date. The album was preceded by its lead single, "Heart Attack", that February and was certified double-platinum by the RIAA. In September 2013, Lovato announced plans to go on a North American leg of her third headlining concert tour, The Neon Lights Tour in promotion of her fourth studio album Demi. Lovato has said that her fifth studio album will be recorded in 2014 and she is hoping to have it released the same year


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Demi Lovato
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Bhili (Billie) Gill's picture
Submitted by Bhili (Billie) Gill (not verified) on

Hey Demi, June 1st -5th of this year, after I graduate , a choir from my school will be singing in new York. I'm in that choir I would love to have the chance to meet you and even perform a solo for you. I made Texas all state choir this year (finally!!) And I've been practicing songs just in case I do meet you :). You're my role model and I would love an honest opinion from you on my voice. Do you think you can be in new York during that time? I hope so I'll be praying you do, stay awesome!!

 Anne's picture
Submitted by Anne (not verified) on

I know you will probably never see this,but I love you! You have saved my life. never change, youre perfect. Dont listen to the haters!

Briaunna nash's picture
Submitted by Briaunna nash (not verified) on

Hey Demi I would love to be famous and I was wondering could you be a teach me how to be a actress and I will do my best and try to make you proud of me and maybe one day we could be friends but for right now just give me a chance to show you what I can learn from you

Katie's picture
Submitted by Katie (not verified) on


I could never thank you enough for the impact your music has on my every day life. Battling with severe anxiety and depression you powerful and uplifting songs get me through some of my hardest days. Most recently "Sorry not sorry." I blast this song on repeat every day and sing on the top of my lungs, wishing I sounded like you. You are an amazing and inspritational soul. Love you❤️❤️❤️❤️

Katie's picture
Submitted by Katie (not verified) on


There are no words that could possibly ever express how much of an impact your music has on my everyday life. Battling day after day with major anxiety and depression your music motivates me and reminds me that life will ALWAYS get better. You are an amazing inspirational soul and you truly deserve to know that. My most recent fav is of course "Sorry Not Sorry." I blast it on repeat everyday singing it on the top of my lungs, wishing I sounded like you!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, for giving the world your talents!!!!

Sarah's picture
Submitted by Sarah (not verified) on

I wish I had the confidence you have my voice is good but I'm scared to put it out there, I've been through hell my sister has cancer and the only thing that got me through was your songs. Especially thinking I'm not good enough and why am I even here like I don't matter but your songs help me.

Sofia Shorter's picture
Submitted by Sofia Shorter (not verified) on

Hi Demi!
My best friend is planning to propose to her girlfriend who just so happens to be one of your biggest fans! I know you are so busy and I'm not even sure if it's possible but maybe you could stop by when she proposes? Her name is Andie. She has body dysmorphic disorder and is recovering from an eating disorder. She is pregnant and it's been such a hard thing for her. Her and my best friend are meant to be and we are planning a pride themed proposal because they met at pride. Or maybe like video call me the day of if you're not too busy. Thank you

Cassie Ganzini's picture
Submitted by Cassie Ganzini (not verified) on

Dear Demi,
You might not get the time to read this but a girl can hope right? I wanted to tell you my story but I have no idea where to start. Well, I am in 8th grade and I am 13 but let's start back in sixth grade and when I was 12. So I had likes this boy named Mateo. We were close friends and then he asked me out. Like he wanted to sit next to me at lunch and like swap numbers and stuff. Well that went on for about a month then he threw a paper airplane at me in gym class and it had compared me to trash. He said that I was getting dumped like trash. That got to me. Then he started calling me names. Like bitch and ugly and day. That is when my eating disorder came. I never purged in my life and I don't intend to but I did not eat alot. I started seeing myself as fat. Well it went on for a while and I went to the office and I wrote statements on him alot. Statements is what we have at Kernan Middle School. It is like some way of proof that they have. Nothing happened. One of my seventh grade friends told him off. He stopped. Then he started again by calling me a cannibal and fat. That s when I started weighing myself everyday. At like 6 weeks from the end of the year, he told me to kill myself. He said that the if he was me he would be dead by then saying that I should die and all that. I was at my locker. I had a breakdown in the last class is the day, my elective gym class. By that time, I had found out that I was switching schools next year. So I moved to River City Science Academy Innovation and I hated it. I was bullied alot by a boy named Kaleb. He called me a fagaet and he tried to get me suspended like 3 times before the second semester. I almost did get suspended. In the beginning of the time i was there, I go sick in spanish. I went into the bathroom and threw up. My best friend followed me and she helped me not be more sick. She looked at the time on her phone and she saw that it was almost time to leave. So while I was cleaning myself up and stuff she left and then I left. Well when I got back, Kaleb started a rumor that Jess [My best friend] and I were skipping class. Well that is what almost everyone called us except for Ty, Nadia, and Tivey. Well like 4 weeks later I was in math class and I had to use the bathroom so I asked and Mrs. Bruce said I could go. Well she was sending 2 students at a time because of the bathroom in our hallway was out of order so we had to go to the bathroom by the Dining hall. Well I went and Jess had to go to. Well I guess the class protested saying that Jess and I skip class so she called the Dean. Well we were late for language arts. So later in the year we left the school and went back to Kernan Middle School. Life was well after that and I got better. Well this year was the year that broke me. My bus driver is super mean and just stares at my friend Kyile and I. Well she makes me mad but that is nothing compared to my Us history teacher. Ms. England is very mean. There I no student on campus I think that likes her. She made one of my friends friend cry and this girl named Skyler she told her to change her voice cause it does not sound like an 8th graders voice. She just gets in my nerves and I have fallen back into my eating disorder. Most people don't even suspect it because I usually say that I don't feel good. I still try to get better but it seems impossible. My favorite song recently is either Skyscraper or Warrior. I know they are old songs but they help me alot. Well, I guess that is it. That is my story.

Christopher's picture
Submitted by Christopher (not verified) on

I'm a fan, I enjoyed you before when I saw you perform before I'm not sure what show doesn't matter. Then I saw somewhere that you had dieted and wanted to show your body to fans being proud if your hard work. Bravo girl! You already won my heart with those pipes and your talent and that's all it took for me,however I will say I did look your photos up once I heard about them like on Tmz or something. You to me were so beautiful,talented and irresistible even before your pictures. I will say though the pictures of you posing are so sexy,tasteful respectful and exploitive all at the same time. I celebrate that you did something that you needed personally to boost your confidence and morale and aplaud you for doing it. But don't change to much hun your more than beautiful and even if I never see another time you agree to expose yourself to criticism or praise ever again at least I was able to enjoy a time when you made yourself happy and confident enough to say screw the critics here I am nude and beautiful.

Rebecca's picture
Submitted by Rebecca (not verified) on

Thank you demi for helping me and so many people around the world, you are such a talented and beautiful person ❤️ We love you demi

Ben's picture
Submitted by Ben (not verified) on

First of all, I have to say I’m an old school metalhead that hates 99% of modern music. But you are absolutely one of the most gorgeous and talented artists I’ve ever had the utter joy of listening to. I know of no one else that puts their heart and soul into their music like you do. God bless you Sweetheart. You brighten my day every time you sing. I don’t know if you’ll see this or not, and I don’t normally write to anyone, but I felt you were worth taking the chance. I wish you all the best. God bless

Chris Vallejos's picture
Submitted by Chris Vallejos (not verified) on

Hi Demi,

My name is Chris Vallejos, father of Cierra Vallejos, and want to thank you for presenting at Cast Centers today. Cierra has been at Cast Centers for over a month and she texted me how inspired she is from your presence and talk. Cierra is trying to cope with her mental illness along with addiction, anxiety and depression. Cierra lost her mom to a drug overdose almost 9 years ago. Cierra was in bed with her when Matty passed away suddenly. Cierra has experienced some traumatic events in her young life and she must learn how to cope with them.

Cierra is a huge fan of yours! Cierra has met you twice at meet and greets at two of your concerts – Phoenix and Denver. She always tells me how you inspire her because of your struggles with anxiety, depression and addiction. She loves your music and performances!

Thank you for sharing and giving back to society. I am very impressed with your willingness to help other people overcome their mental health struggles.

I know you are one busy individual with concerts and community service. I ask if you could help by sending a note or any other ways to continue to inspire Cierra.


Chris Vallejos

Pete's picture
Submitted by Pete (not verified) on

Demi, I read an article just a bit ago that you are not concerning yourself with perfectionism any longer. I think that's great most especially for someone who is so very talented and looks very perfect in my eyes inside and out. Don't worry I'm not going to try and swoon you. I'm older and your more my childs age but I am a fan of your talent writing ,performing and yes your physical beauty. I think it is so wrong for some few guys that have control of certain industries try and pick and choose what their idea of a perfect woman is. I did and do appreciate the nude photos so tastefully done with that perfect line of exposure and obscurity that you did a couple of years ago. Those photos are very beautiful. I say don't worry about your looks hun those are fine and any man who wouldn't tell you everyday how beautiful you are and how lucky he is to have you doesn't deserve you. Your music and lyrics express your inner beauty and strength of your heart as well as you insecurities. Don't let any of it get you down,all creative and artistic people have that do they or don't they like me fear. The drive that all artist have feeds on the publics love,hate and opinions. And as for those guys who put women's bodies down because a woman isn't their idea of perfect, well all I say is tell them to get naked and lets see how perfect they are. Not very I expect because most guys that judge women in such a critical eye are usually lacking in one certain area that causes them to have to look for something wrong with women since their shortcomings causes them to not be able to satisfy any women. At least any that don't laugh when they see those guys naked at least anyhow. Well good luck in your writing and performances and as I said I'm a fan and even though I'm an old guy to you, I catagorize women's physical beauty against one woman who while I grew up watching her on tv was so smitten with and you are every bit as beautiful as she is it ever was,and believe me she may be in her 70's now but she is still so everlastingly beautiful. That woman is Linda Carter. That's right miss world I forget what year but just before she was wonder woman she got lead in one movie a couple of acting small parts and then landed the lead in Wonder Woman. She is a very tall nice full bodied woman who every man then as well as now still finds very beautiful. So good for you march on and ill see you on the charts.

D Gonzalez 's picture
Submitted by D Gonzalez (not verified) on

‪Demi you are amazing. Keep up the good work. We are going to the AA concert March 30 and would love to be part of the meet and greet with my daughters.‬ Alessandra and Angelina your biggest fans.

Victoria Reed's picture
Submitted by Victoria Reed (not verified) on

hey demi i am your biggest fan i love your song sorry not sorry do you have any advice on how not to get bullied about your weight? i am going through the same thing if you can reply back thank you so much

Victoria Reed's picture
Submitted by Victoria Reed (not verified) on

hey Demi i am your biggest fan i love your songs and i would love to know you better. do not listen to what people tell you as you say ,'" you have the right to feel any emotion you want" i really want to meet you. my favorite song by you is sorry not sorry go girl that song is so good . i have one question how do you handle bullying? and can you give me some helpful tips on singing good like you . you are my idol.

Benjy Doamekpor's picture
Submitted by Benjy Doamekpor (not verified) on

Thank You!

Amber Gorman's picture
Submitted by Amber Gorman (not verified) on

Hello Demi, my daughter absolutely loves you. But on July 24,2017 she was diagnosed with acute Lymphoblastic lukemia. Since then we have spent many days in and out of the hospital. By the way her name is Kennedy. It has taken a very hard tole on her and the family. She wants to meet you but I doubt with your busy schedule that it will never happen. We are in financial trouble and we want the best for Kennedy to beat this. She is in remission right now but she is still taking treatments for a total of 2 years from the time she was diagnosed.

Kristionna knotts's picture
Submitted by Kristionna knotts (not verified) on

Hi i have autism i am 17 i want to meet you soo bad

Savannah Darling's picture
Submitted by Savannah Darling (not verified) on

I love you so much Demi. You are my idol. Your tell me you love me tour concert in Columbus Ohio March 14 2018 was my very first concert ever! I have always looked up to you and your music and your voice inspire me. Your simply complicated documentary shows that change can happen. I love you!!!😘 I hope you can reply to this.

Savannah Darling's picture
Submitted by Savannah Darling (not verified) on

I also want to meet you so bad!!!!

Caleigha Arbogast's picture
Submitted by Caleigha Arbogast (not verified) on

I could not possibly begin to say all that I would given the opportunity to speak with you in person, through a comment on a fan mail page, but I figured I had to start some where if I ever wanted to have a chance.
So here goes,
You as a person have always been an inspiration to me - ever since I watched you on Disney in like '08?.. & fell in love with the amazing voice you have been gifted. Even then, I could just sense the strength within you. Now that I've heard your story, or the summary you have allowed the public to hear, not only does it make so much sense why you're such a strong woman, but it's given me even more respect and admiration for you. Especially since i have been going through a similar struggle with drugs and alcohol and have finally sobered up, recently actually. Your strength and courage inspires me so much. The best way I can think to describe it, is by telling you to inagine that feeling after a moving song plays, like when I'm covered in the chills after listening to anything you sing where your soul comes through, which is damn near anything you sing at all. I know it's unlikely but given the opportunity to meet you, I may 💩 a little, lol. Just kiddin! but it would be incredible, forreal. If by any chance you somehow see this random comment and could make that happen.. i would absolutely love the chance to meet you.
if you see this random comment and can't make that happen, i still want you to know that you are an incredible human being with an amazing soul. You are an inspiration to millions and no matter how many times you feel like you have failed us, you'll never fail me as long as you continue to get back up the way you have been. Your story, your voice, your soul, you. Such an inspiration.

Truly, thank you for being you, Demi.

With much love & appreciation,

Caleigha Arbogast

A Fan's picture
Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on

Hi Demi. I saw where you had a small set back. I asked God to give you strength and keep you strong as you move forward. I am older but understand your struggles and need for strength from others. I promise to keep you in my prayers and you never give up, I will never give up on you because as God told me you will truely be the strength of others in their time of need. I believe in you as God's grace and mercy is on the way to you right now.
Sincerely, David

A Fan's picture
Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on

Dear Demi.
GOD bless you. I thank God for the pain and hurt He is allowing you to experience in this time. Healing is to be found and healing will be found. I ask that you will remember to turn to the one who has and will always be with you. GOD is good and GOD good all the time. Unconditional love is what He has for you and will always have for you. So His love is what will heal you. God loves you and I love you and 1,000,000 other people love you and you are a strong, bold and courageous woman that will continue to impact and influence many people. Thank you. And God bless you and may God heal you. In Jesus’ name. Amen.



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