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Peyton Williams Manning was born on March 24, 1976. Manning played college football for the University of Tennessee, leading the Volunteers to the 1997 SEC Championship in his senior season. However, No. 3 Tennessee lost to the No. 2 Nebraska Cornhuskers 42-17 in the Orange Bowl giving Nebraska and Tom Osborne their 3rd national championship in 4 years.

Manning was chosen by the Indianapolis Colts with the first overall pick in the 1998 NFL Draft. From 1998 to 2010, he led the Colts to eight division championships, two AFC championships, and one Super Bowl championship (Super Bowl XLI)

In May 2011, he underwent neck surgery to alleviate neck pain and arm weakness he dealt with during the previous few seasons before signing a five-year, $90 million contract extension with the Colts in July 2011. Manning had hoped to play in the 2011 season, but in September 2011 he underwent a second, and much more serious surgery: a level one cervical fusion procedure. Manning had never missed an NFL game in his career, but was forced to miss the entire 2011 season. He was released by the Colts on March 7, 2012, and after an almost two-week period where he visited with and worked out for several NFL teams, he signed with the Denver Broncos on March 20, 2012. Serving as the team's starting quarterback from 2012 to 2015, he contributed to the Broncos reaching the top of their division each year and his playing career concluded with a victory in Super Bowl 50.

Manning holds many NFL records, including passing yards (71,940), touchdown passes (539), AP MVP awards (5), Pro Bowl appearances (14), and 4,000-yard passing seasons (14). A two-time Super Bowl winner and the most valuable player of Super Bowl XLI, Manning is also the only quarterback to start the Super Bowl for two different franchises more than once each and the only starting quarterback to win a Super Bowl with two different franchises. At 39 years of age, Manning was the oldest quarterback to start in and win a Super Bowl, a feat matched the following year by Tom Brady.


Super Bowl 41 (Indianapolis Colts) 2007

Super Bowl 50 (Denver Broncos)


Peyton Manning
PO Box 3367
Englewood, CO 80155


Jared P Reid 's picture
Submitted by Jared P Reid (not verified) on

Peyton , I doubt you will ever see this . Well after Sunday's huge win I decided to write and tell you , what you playing the game has meant too me . I am 33 and I remember you as a back up in Tennessee and also a starter and dissappoinemt as an Ole Miss fan in rural MS that was everything . I remember cheering on Tennessee against Ole Miss just because of you . I grew up in a town on the east side of MS called Philadelphia . I believe you might know the place and the Neshoba county fair . What I want too give is a thank you for all the years , teers , and cheers . You see you don't have much on a farm in rural MS through all my high and lows the constant has been loving to watch you play the game with pure class and hard work . I was married recently and we have hard times recently due to jobs and family issues , but your win Sunday and all the many others I have watched are special , all in there own way . I won't ever quit trying to take care of my family and my wife , and watching all the adversity you have overcome , win or lose has inspired to change and swallow pride and be a better person all together . Thank you for all the ups and downs I hope I get the chance to shake you hand and just say thanks one day . I only got too see you play once , you broke Unitas touchdown record in Atlanta . I wish I could have seen more . Good luck brother , win or lose your a class act , super bowl champion , MVP and inspiration took so many . But thank you for being mine . And if the hand shake never happens . Your still my hero bud . Good luck ....

Jared P Reid

Craig "Bear" Stevens's picture
Submitted by Craig "Bear" Stevens (not verified) on

This is a difficult thing to ask for me. I thought what the heck, he will probably never read this anyways so I will just ask anyways. One of my greatest friends has been a long time Denver Bronco Fan. Born in raised in Colorado he is a true fan. He also is a true fan of yours as I am but not because of the stats or the fame You've accomplished but for The way you hold yourself as a human being and how you give to others and act as a role model on and off the field. It's an honor to watch! I have been a Green Bay Packers fan all my life but I have to say that I am a fan of yours no different than other teams and players that do great things.

I tried so hard to find a way to be able to get my friend to the Super Bowl this year. However, as an average guy with a family there is no way I would be able to afford things like this even though it should be everybody's dream. No different than going to a place like Disneyland or Disney World where you have to have a lot of money to go to a place that an average family should be able to go to. Super Bowl's anymore and games like this I made for the rich and famous and the corporations Heck he's never even been able to afford to go to a regular ball game in Denver let alone the Super Bowl.

This year marks kind of a special and hurtful time for him as well. Not only is his favorite team playing in the Super Bowl and one of his favorite players is ever watched and he is close enough to attend a game he could only dream of, Super Bowl Sunday, will be the day that he lost his mother. It will also be the 50th Super Bowl and this year will be his 50th birthday. His name is Farley Rael and I have never known a more giving man than him. He is a Great great mentor, A great father and a dedicated husband and I have never seen him ask for anything for himself ever. It's always about doing something for someone else.

Again, I doubt you read these, but if you do and if there's ever a way that you could reach out and just meet him it would probably be one of the best things anybody can do for him. I'm not asking for Super Bowl tickets no he's dying of cancer just so deserving person that I wish I could help I am with would only be a dream He dedicates his life to serving others as a manager of a medical Company called Lincare. Every day he does everything he can to help others and it's awesome to watch.

As a friend and the guy who looks up to him I ask you to consider this!

Congratulations on everything you've accomplished! Every athlete should be Ava way you do on the field as well as off. As a Packer fan today I say go Broncos go Peyton Manning! Give them everything you have, Make your family proud and thank you for the time and allowing me to write this.

Carson City, Nevada

James Morgan's picture
Submitted by James Morgan (not verified) on

Lately Peyton has appeared not to be sure of himself. He needs to come out of the tunnel today emitting confidence like he used to. Look at old games and you can see what i mean. Peyton needs to come out of the tunnel emitting pure confidence like he used to. We need to see and he needs to know, if the game is put in his hands, he will win it. The Broncos need to put the game in his hands so he can win it.

Richey Stewart's picture
Submitted by Richey Stewart (not verified) on

I'm a huge fan and even though you didn't have the best game you came out guns blazing. If you want to play some more and your body is getting stronger then you play as long as you love what your doing. I've had five back surgeries that failed. And I won't stop fighting, I hope You dont. Dont let all these others force you out if your not ready. If you are make it your choice. God bless

Kirk's picture
Submitted by Kirk (not verified) on

Congratulations on your big win!!! Only if you hadn't put up two fingers and just kicked the extra point. I would have also been a big winner!! Only cost me 11,400.00!!!

marcy's picture
Submitted by marcy (not verified) on

what a classy guy!!

Rebekah Lundin's picture
Submitted by Rebekah Lundin (not verified) on

My son, Sam Anderson, is a 14 y/o boy living here, in "Patriots Nation," Maine, USA (HUGE eyeroll for us). His father left us when he was 1--ON HIS birthday, and Sam has (sadly) given up on THAT relationship for numerous reasons...
As his mother, I have taught him to hunt, how to LOVE baseball, and JUST WHICH team he should support in football: the Denver Broncos! I am a huge Elway fan--used to live in Longmont, and other towns in CO for 15 years growing up. I was always proud of Rick Karlos (the barefoot kicker).
Sam, is a HUGE fan. He knows tons of stats about many football players--especially QBs throughout the league--so I hope you can see the weight that this bears: you ARE a GREAT QB! Sam loves your work!! He also likes Osweiler. He is a true Broncos FAN (I am so proud), which is difficult with tall the slack he gets from "the guys." While it IS a cross he is willing to bear...every Monday he feels the heat...
He couldn't be PROUDER than he is right now of YOU, Peyton, as well as many others....Von and CJ to mane a few.
My folks live down South in Charlotte, along with the rest of my family...only my brother is a Broncos fan, besides us today. So you can guess the stuff that they were saying on Super Bowl Sunday. (So proud! You really made our day--Sam wore his Anderson jersey that Monday!! He gets picked on (big time), kids pull it, attempt to write on it, he fears them ripping it, ect. It is awful!
If EVER you get the opportunity, and CAN do so (I understand that there are a lot of things that you also must do!) could you send Sam Anderson something, like an autograph?! (Micheal Jordan did that for me, as my "make a wish" when I had my head injury <age 14>, and there, to this day, is NOTHING that I am more proud to own <including my home +11 acres of Mountain) I would really appreciate this--and YOU would literally mean the WORLD to Sam!

Jack 's picture
Submitted by Jack (not verified) on


March 1st will be my 50th birthday and I have purchased:"The Peyton Manning Denver Broncos Autographed Riddell Super Bowl 50 Champion Mini Helmet with "SB 50 Champs" Inscription" from Sports Memorabilia and understand the date set for signing is on April 11th 2016.

Would it be possible for me to attend this event in order to take a photo of you actually signing the helmet and if not, may I ask is there any way you could add the inscription "To Jack on his 50th Birthday"


Rosemary Sorbara's picture
Submitted by Rosemary Sorbara (not verified) on

I am from Hamilton Ontario Canada and just want to say how much I loved the Super Bowl this year because it was an unbelievable defense! The game was not about the quarterbacks but all about the defense. What an amazing finish for a future Hall of Famer! Peyton - you are the best! You've achieved many record-breaking moments and stats prove it! Congratulations you have accomplished it all and inspired many around North America.Don't retire - you have what it takes to keep winning! I wish you luck in the future! God Bless You!

Jacobia Patterson's picture
Submitted by Jacobia Patterson (not verified) on

Hi Peyton! I know you probably get millions of emails every day and probably won't get a chance to even read this. I've been a fan of yours every since 1997 when Tennesee was playing Nebraska and you won the game ending the score with the victory over Nebraska 45-42.If there is any way possible I would love to get a signed jersey from you from either Indianapolis or Denver in a large, I would wear it proudly along with the rest of my gear forever!From one of your greatest fans Jacobia R. Patterson. When you retire I won't even watch football anymore!

Richard Johnston's picture
Submitted by Richard Johnston (not verified) on

Dear Peyton, congratulations and thank you for all of the great memories that you provided to fans all across the country. I am a long time Bronco's fan but would marvel at what you did with the Colts. I wasn't real excited when you beat us, but, you understand. I had a friend from Indianapolis that suffered many loses before you came and was envious of the Bronco's for a while. He was excited when the team started to get players that might win some championships. Which you were a huge part. Then, I became envious when the Colts were so dominate. I always admired Tony Dungy and the organization that he lead. When you came here, I was shocked and excited that we could get such a quality player as you. It has been a pleasure to watch you play and watch our team jell into a great franchise again. We will miss you. Thank you for your integrity and faithful witness. God bless as He leads you in the future. Sincerely, Richard Johnston.

Brenda's picture
Submitted by Brenda (not verified) on

I was at a game you played with UT against Vanderbilt in 1994. I would NOT sit down thru the whole game! I said, he plays just like Johnny Unitas!! I am from balto and have loved you ever since that day!!

Autumn Mink's picture
Submitted by Autumn Mink (not verified) on

Hello Mr.Manning, My nami is autumn mink, i am 17 and i just got adopted from foster care where i spent most of my life... this has been my life long dream to meet you i have followed your career and you are big reason why i am still here today you give me hope and inspire me, the family who adopted me is made up of adoption all 3 of us are adopted i would love to meet you, I hope you get this!

Victor hilton's picture
Submitted by Victor hilton (not verified) on

I am a big fan of u and I was wanting to see if I would sign the picture I got of u playing for Denver and maybe if I could come see or even meet I some place

CJ's picture
Submitted by CJ (not verified) on

I am a huge fan of yours. I live in Thailand and am a huge Bronco fan. My entire walls have Peyton Manning stickers and posters. I wake up at 3am or earlier to watch Bronco games. I am a teenager and live sleep but Broncos ALWAYS come first! I doubt you will even see this but if you somehow do I would like to say thank you! You are an amazing quarter back and if I would. get the chance to meet you it would be AWESOME. You do so much for football and your fans. Thank you for giving the Bronco fans everything you did. You are truly one of a kind! THANK YOU!

John Cummings's picture
Submitted by John Cummings (not verified) on

Hello Peyton,

I recently (as of tonight) wrote you a letter than I'll be mailing tomorrow morning on my way to school. I just wanted to say that you've been a great inspiration in my life. As I battle an incurable form of Non-hodkins Lymphoma, things aren't that easy. However, I know from experience, life isn't easy. And as silly as this may sound to compare, I look to how you came back from a serious neck injury as inspiration for my own battle. In-fact, some of my greatest prides are having two autographed photos from you; one on my desk, and the other (with Wes Welker), hanging on my wall. Thank you for great, Football memories.

Tyler Abel's picture
Submitted by Tyler Abel (not verified) on

Mr Manning,
I would like to ask if you and John Elway could sign a super bowl 50 cigar box. It was only made in California where I am from and it is for my step father. Myself and him are huge Denver Broncos fans and we would love if this could happen. I would mail you the box to sign if you two would. It would be amazing if this could happen.
Thank you for your time.

James D DiBello's picture
Submitted by James D DiBello (not verified) on

May my very nice guy type boyfriend meet Peyton Manning in person pretty please. He truly deserves it and I mean for real big time! This guy wants to adopt my son and he always comes home from work on time and constantly asks my son and myself about our feelings plus just a whole bunch of other typical nice guy stuff. His life has not been fair to him either but he just keeps being nice anyway. plus he himself tries to be fair. His name is James Danial DiBello

Ariel 's picture
Submitted by Ariel (not verified) on

Dear Peyton Manning,
My name is Ariel and I'm your BIGGEST fan ever because first your number on your jersey is the day I was born so it's my lucky number:18.Second reason is you are amazingly awesome at football and I also played football .But my question is can you sign a football, jersey with(Darnley no.18 on 1)(Ariel no.18 on 2 one) for my dad we watch every singe game you play .P.S it's his Christmas present and hope you can sent the stuff for my dad, I was on the mini cheerleader team I think or was it the nuggets I don't know. Sincerely ,

Marian's picture
Submitted by Marian (not verified) on

Hi Peyton! Just wondering if you are considering becoming a coach and if so would you consider coaching at Ole Miss?

monica kayser's picture
Submitted by monica kayser (not verified) on

Him, I am just writing to tell you that my 8 yr old grandson had to write a auto biography on anyone that he admires and he chose you. Yes you are admired by people of all ages. He worked so hard on it and had to present the speech and poster today, and the teacher and kids said WOW when he opened the poster. I just wanted to thank you for being the type of athlete that everyone can look up to. I wish I could send you a picture of his spread on you it was impressive. Just wanted to let you know that and to thank you for being you. Sincerely, Monica Kayser, Grandma


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