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Fall Out Boy is a rock band formed in Wilmette, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago in 2001. The band consists of vocalist/guitarist Patrick Stump, bassist Pete Wentz, guitarist Joe Trohman, and drummer Andy Hurley. The band originated from Chicago's hardcore punk scene, with which Wentz was heavily involved. The group was formed by Wentz and Trohman as a pop punk side project of their respective hardcore bands, and Stump joined shortly thereafter. The group went through a succession of drummers before landing Hurley and recording their debut album, Take This to Your Grave (2003), which became an underground success and helped the band gain a dedicated fanbase through heavy touring, as well as some moderate commercial success.

With Wentz as the band's lyricist and Stump as the primary composer, the band's 2005 major-label breakthrough, From Under the Cork Tree, produced two hit singles, "Sugar, We're Goin Down" and "Dance, Dance", and went double platinum, transforming the group into superstars and making Wentz a celebrity and tabloid fixture. Fall Out Boy received a Best New Artist nomination at the 2006 Grammy Awards. Their 2007 follow-up, Infinity on High, landed at number one on the Billboard 200 with 260,000 first week sales. It produced several worldwide hit singles, "This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race" and "Thnks fr th Mmrs". Folie à Deux, the band's fourth album, created a mixed response from fans and commercially undersold expectations. Following the release of Believers Never Die - Greatest Hits, the band took a hiatus from 2009 to 2012 to "decompress", exploring various side projects. They regrouped and recorded Save Rock and Roll (2013), which gave the band their second career number one and produced the top 20 single "My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)".

While Fall Out Boy's music has been typically described as pop punk and pop rock, the band were generally seen in the mid-2000s at the forefront of the "emo pop" explosion. Take This to Your Grave has often been cited as a vital blueprint for pop punk music in the 2000s.


Fall Out Boy
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Kelsey's picture
Submitted by Kelsey (not verified) on

I'm leaving for the Navy July 28th, 2015.. BUT! I'm going to Colorado the day before you're there... And I request that you have another concert in Denver in June ;) I LOVE YOUUUUU!

(none yo business)'s picture
Submitted by (none yo business) (not verified) on

Wow you seem... Er... Energeti c. But I respect your opinions

Hannah Smith 's picture
Submitted by Hannah Smith (not verified) on

Heeeyyy.... me and my best friend REALLY love you guys. She is like obsessed... anywho, I was going to get her tickets to your concert in Cincinatti, but I cant afford them. You guys should go on tour again next year in Indianapolis, IN so I can buy some.....

T.A.R.D.I.S.'s picture
Submitted by T.A.R.D.I.S. (not verified) on

I totally agree! But they should also come play at Fort Wayne, IN so that I could SOOO go!

christine ludlow's picture
Submitted by christine ludlow (not verified) on

hi my 13 year old daughter is going to see fall out boy in concert in october at bournemouth she is crazy about them and i would love her to be able to meet them back stage that night to make her dream come true as she has a illness which started 4 years ago and cant find a cure yet so i just want to make her happy please can someone help this dream for her come true thank you in advance x

McKenzie McCormick's picture
Submitted by McKenzie McCormick (not verified) on

I would love to see a F.O.B concert! But I can't because my dad's work is closing and he's getting laid off. We were going to go to a concert but not now. I just turned 14 in June and it was going to be my birthday present. I would love it if I could just get one photo of Fall Out Boy.

Cinnamon's picture
Submitted by Cinnamon (not verified) on

It would be great if you could make it to Steven Point sometime or Rhinelander WI. Madison is never to far to travel though. Hope your back soon my daughter really wants the whole VIP experience. I would love to take her to one of your shows.

Aidan Christian 's picture
Submitted by Aidan Christian (not verified) on

You guys are awesome I love your music my favorite songs are I have alot American beauty American physco,Irresistable,save rock and roll, where did the party go,mighty fall,Uma Thurman,Centuries,Fourth of July,Novacaine and jet pack blues patrick you song awesome Pete you shred the guitar joe you are amazing at bass Andy you rock the drums you Guys rock Sincerely, Aidan

Bella's picture
Submitted by Bella (not verified) on


Amy Clark's picture
Submitted by Amy Clark (not verified) on

I am taking my Niece to this concert for her 17th birthday. She is a mega fan! I know it is a crazy ass shot in the dark but if the guys ever do shout outs...Happy Birthday to Shelby Metz would make her millinium! You guys are amazing! Thanks!

Anaiya Holman's picture
Submitted by Anaiya Holman (not verified) on

hi you guys are the best band! i hope we can meet at your concert one day

Jack - self harming fan :)'s picture
Submitted by Jack - self har... (not verified) on

Hi, I would like to request for Fall out boy to have a concert in Sydney, Australia! There are so many fans here, waiting for you to come. It'll be great if you guys did

Erin Halbhuber's picture
Submitted by Erin Halbhuber (not verified) on

Taking my daughter to see her very 1st concert, which is Fall Out Boy tomorrow Dec, 8th @ the Filmore Detroit. Any chance of a birthday shout-out to Aspen my daugther. Please!

Delgado's picture
Submitted by Delgado (not verified) on

I have been dying to go to a concert and the closest one to me is Chicago. I can never get there quick enough to see one. I want to get tickets too but they are too expensive. I live in Peoria Illinois, I wish you guys would come here, please?

Sebastian Johnson's picture
Submitted by Sebastian Johnson (not verified) on

I would really love if you could come to Columbus Ohio for a tour. It would really make my life a lot better and if you do accept the tour request, Please play at least 1 of 3 songs; "The kids aren't alright" "Save Rock and Roll" Uma Thurman" Thank you so very much ! Stay cool!

Lynn's picture
Submitted by Lynn (not verified) on

F.O.B you guys are really awesome and life savers. Thank you for writing and making your music.

Alyssa Comstock's picture
Submitted by Alyssa Comstock (not verified) on

Can we have a secret handshake?

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