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LeBron James, who is also called "King James", plays professional basketball for the Cleveland Cavaliers. James has had a stellar career in the NBA as an NBA champion, the NBA Finals MVP, a three-time NBA MVP, an NBA scoring champion, and the NBA Rookie of the Year. James was selected in the 2003 NBA Draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers. There he led the Cavaliers to the 2007 NBA Finals, their first NBA Finals appearance in franchise history. In 2010, he left the Cavaliers for the Heat in a highly publicized free agency period. James is the Cleveland Cavaliers' all-time leading scorer, and holds other franchise records for both the Cavaliers and the Heat. On January 16, 2013, he became the youngest player in NBA history to reach 20,000 career points.


NBA champion 2012

NBA Finals MVP 2012

NBA Most Valuable Player 2009, 2010, 2012

NBA All-Star 2005–2013

NBA All-Star Game MVP 2006, 2008


LeBron James
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daniel barbakow's picture
Submitted by daniel barbakow (not verified) on

I am an old white guy. I support you! the assh..es that defaced your property represent a small but "vocal" minority of people we would all be better off without! I am so sorry that you and your family have to suffer the consequences of their small minded, tasteless and awful behavior.

Beat the Warriors!

Pete Hamilton's picture
Submitted by Pete Hamilton (not verified) on

Dear Mr. James,

I am also an "old white guy" and I don't follow basketball at all. However, I know of you as you are and have been dominate in your sport for years and one of the best ever, from what I've read about over the years. You are also a pretty great human being, and your recent press response / interview on racism was just 100% class! Really on-spot and true. In elementary school I was part of "forced school busing" from the Supreme Court decision in the early 1970's and ended up in a variety of schools where, I learned at an early age we are all the same, want the same things, had some great friends. Sure, some people are jerks, some you don't like, but just as many are fine, and that is true no matter what group you find yourself in. Anyway it was a great experience for me.

I'm truly horrified at the ignorance and hate that still prevails, and what is happening in our society in this day and age! Just disgusting!!! I'm glad your family is okay and hopefully things will improve.

Janet Koutsogiane 's picture
Submitted by Janet Koutsogiane (not verified) on

Dear Mr. James,
I cannot begin to express my deepest sadness at what was written on your property at your home. I felt so compelled to write you and thank you for being such a wonderful role model to ALL children. My son is 19 years old and has loved you and enjoyed watching you play for many years. You are an inspiration to so many people. Your intelligence, determination and class are such excellent examples for all people to try and emulate. I'm sorry that your family had to experience such horrid language and blatant racism. Please know that is NOT representative of how most people see you. I hope your family will be able to move beyond this and rise above it all. My husband and I have raised our son to not look at a person's skin color but to look always at what's in a person's heart. You are an example of what I'd love my son to become. My family and I will pray for you and your family that you may have peace and comfort during this diificult time.
Sincerely, Janet David and David Koutsogiane from the great state of RI

Cmh's picture
Submitted by Cmh (not verified) on

Mr. James,
Be assured there are a majority of people who are disgusted with the graffiti that was left at your residence. I wish you and your family well, and hope one day these ugly incidents like this will be in our past. I stand with you and your family.
Cecil m hernandez

Bobbi's picture
Submitted by Bobbi (not verified) on

Lebron I am not sure this is a valid page but I will try it and hope this message gets to you. My granddaughter was killed last Sunday. She was obsessed with you. She had your positive quotes all over her bedroom walls. She was an amazing girl that was just beginning her life and tragically she died at 14. With that said, her mother would like you to sign a basketball that we purchased for her memorial so she can keep it to remember Amber's love of basketball and her idol. They live in Coventry and you can contact me through email at bobbiljones@yahoo.com if you could find the time to sign her basketball. We would all be very grateful. I do understand you are out of town but feel free to contact me. Thanks in advance. Bobbi, Amber's Best Grandma, as she called me.

Dedric Miller's picture
Submitted by Dedric Miller (not verified) on

Man I'm just a 13 year old boy Kirtland, New Mexico I get every morning to train your my favorite player but the thing I hate is seeing the team lose to Golden State, wake up LeBron wake up this is the finals you have to defend the land this ain't you don't be afraid awaken the beast that's inside of you I know you can play better your just not doing it your a king defend your throne you can get crossed, blocked but who gives a crap out of any player in history your were my favorite since day one come on LeBron you have millions of fans that want to see you end the Warriors and send them back home. I'm Navajo and I have dreams I pray everyday I wake up and train to the limits I watch all of your highlights I seen every game never missed a game all I got to say your a king and show them what a king does.

Willie Chaplin's picture
Submitted by Willie Chaplin (not verified) on

There is no doubt that you guys can beat the Warriors, but you are allowing them to settle into their rhythm. Do not allow them just to bring the ball up court without applying mediocre pressure. This will slow the game down tremendously and it will be to the Cavaliers advantage. When you get the rebound (run) keep the pressure on them on defense, do not settle for jump shots, this will increase your shot percentage, get them in foul trouble and you will shoot foul shots. Also the cavalier(s) are allowing too much space between the man who has the ball when playing defense – “close the gap.” The Cavs have to play as one complete unit on defense, stay in between the man and the ball (see your man and the ball at all times) and each person must take his assignment personally and box out on defense. When the Warriors want to set that high pick and roll, have the man whose person is setting the pick to jump out and double team that three point shooter, and the defensive guy who is closest to the play attempt to pick off that pass to the pick and roller. The other alternative is to have the closest man to step in front of the guy who receiving the pass and take a charging foul. You guys will win game three.

Coach W. Chaplin

Tiffany chesser's picture
Submitted by Tiffany chesser (not verified) on

Hey lebron!! Your my hero! I would do anything to meet you , i have been going through so much and you truly inspire me to do better. I love watching you on the court and so does my daughter that loves basketball and plays. Your an amazing man that does amazing things i would love to hear from u

Amanda's picture
Submitted by Amanda (not verified) on

My son noah is the oldest of 4 children. He never asks for much because he has 3 little sisters he trys to help provide for. All he ever really asks for is lebron james shoes and clothing. Hes had it pretty rough but nothing compared to the devistating news of a brain tumor last month. They have diagnosed him with glioma and operating at this point is not an option he is scheduled for chemotherepy so before he gets really sick id love to ask if there are any charities that would help with a pair of lebron james shoes.

Michele Hagan's picture
Submitted by Michele Hagan (not verified) on

Hi Mr. Lebron,
My 14yr old son Aj thinks you are a GOD! He is 6'5 and loves basketball. I played at Marshall University in Huntington, WV between 03' and 06'. He has had a tremendous growth spurt the last couple of months and he is really down because he is not doing so well in basketball and he wants to quit. I won't let him. If you could meet him or even talk to him I know that would give him the courage to never give up, and work at it just a lil harder. I know you are a very busy person. But if by chance you are in the Houston, Tx area he would love the opportunity to talk to you and meet you.

Corey Watkins's picture
Submitted by Corey Watkins (not verified) on

Horse,. NBA players or player hosting week by week, while contests answer questions get a chance to draw out of something with random shots that Can get you to spell h.o.r.s.e. , fact I'm 39yrs married 18 , 2boys1girl . I Need this $$$ ( Deborah voice). Respect!

winnie churchill III's picture
Submitted by winnie churchill III (not verified) on

Mr. King James,

If you want to win the 2018 NBA Championship, go get you a shooting guard. Do it!

Will Zak's picture
Submitted by Will Zak (not verified) on

I grew up in Chardon Ohio, graduated in 1998, and moved to Charlotte North Carolina in 2007 looking for a better way of living. Well after 10 years, I've realized the same thing that you did, north east Ohio is home and no matter what that never changes, now I'm just a technician at a car dealership, I don't have your fame or any of that, but I've always respected the way you have conducted yourself on and off the court. I'm glad I wasn't home to witness you leaving, but I fully understood why and never faulted you for it. When you came home and wrote the I'm coming home letter, I was actually on my way to put-in-bay for a weekend trip with friends, and I related so well to it. It's a way of life up there and if you're born with it, then it never leaves you.... so anyway I'm coming home as well in August. Just wanted to share that with you and I hope I can get to some of your games this year.
Will Zak

Destiny's picture
Submitted by Destiny (not verified) on

Dear Lebron just wanted to start this off letting you no I am a type 1 diabetic, and am 13 years old. I love playing basketball and you are my favorite player. I wanted a pair of your shoes but my mom couldn't afford them, my mom works at the goodwill and came across a pair of your shoes her supervisor told her to put them on the floor to have my dad buy the next day. The next day my dad went to buy them they were not there. 2 days later they fired my mom for putting them out there even thou the supervisor told her to. I feel bad.

Daeshanay Haskins's picture
Submitted by Daeshanay Haskins (not verified) on

My name is Daeshanay haskins and i live in AKRON OHIO its just me and my son im tryna figure out how do i sighn my son up for The Lebron james family foundation im having a hard time right now and i want my child to succeed in life and have a chance to do it

Todd's picture
Submitted by Todd (not verified) on

You are one of the best and most exciting players to ever play the game although no one deserves the amount of money that you make just for playing a silly game. Hopefully you are grateful for the capitalist system which allows you to be so financially fortunate. In most other countries you would just be some regular guy who likes to play basketball, but isn’t wealthy because of it. I love people of all races. I believe that we are all created by one God who does not play favorites. President Trump is not a racist; he is just trying to protect this country and its citizens by limiting who can enter it because illegal immigration has gotten out of control. What is sad is that President Obama had a wonderful opportunity to promote equality and the fact that we are all Americans and should never be defined by the color of our skin. Instead President Obama constantly played the race card. He is a typical liberal democrat who continued to oppress his own people so that they would be dependent on government and then in return he would get their vote in exchange for their continued welfare checks. He should have spent a large majority of his time building up the inner cities and providing better education opportunities for them so that they could build self-esteem and self-worth and get out helpless pit of generational welfare. So very sad that President Obama demonstrated that he is the worst kind of racist in selling out his own race in order to remain in power and get their votes. It s funny how I never heard you criticize him...why is that?

Ryan's picture
Submitted by Ryan (not verified) on

Finally, someone else speaks a little truth nowadays...I posted a similar message a few below this one.

Barry Stine's picture
Submitted by Barry Stine (not verified) on

I am very disappointed that you bad mouth our President. You are great at basketball but please stay out of politics if you are going to be devisive.
Barry Stine

AScotti's picture
Submitted by AScotti (not verified) on

I have recently grown immensely in my personal respect for Mr. James I think he is an amazingly hard working individual and an example to a large group of American youth, However it would so greatly appreciated if he could limit his punditry to issues support and encourage the country that has made him (nearly) a billionaire . Mr James please don't be influenced by the ground swell of media misinformation to make your self of no account. Help people learn to think. Luke 16:15

Ryan's picture
Submitted by Ryan (not verified) on

‪@KingJames you've been my favorite player since I was 12 y.o.--I'm now 26--and I've always rooted for you no matter what, and always disregarded what the haters say about going to Miami, or not being clutch, or any of the other BS I've heard about over the years. However, when you make comments about the President 'making hate fashionable again' it really offends and hurts those like me who have been your fans for your entire career/their entire adult life but who also don't happen to share your feelings of contempt towards the President. If you don't like the guy that is 100% your right, but when you start putting out public statements that are just plain false, then you are absolutely the one in the wrong. If you can provide one concrete piece of evidence that supports your claim that Donald Trump is racist, I will gladly admit that I'm wrong here (CNN sources don't count). But I bet once you start looking for any supporting evidence, you'll find that there is nothing, and the entire racism angle against Trump has been nothing but left-wing-media lies from the first day he took office.

Abel's picture
Submitted by Abel (not verified) on

Lebron u the man... stay in Cleveland... u ain't got shit to prove...ur paper is straight....the bloggers are fake...the fans are real...tough business...but it seems like it in control...no NBA player was in control like u are...the city needs u... the fans need u and I'm from Canada lol but I kno wat it means to be a fan...anyways whatever u do...ur still # 1 regardless...bless up


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