Demi Lovato

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Demetria Devonne "Demi" Lovato
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"Give Your Heart a Break"

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Demi Lovato is an American recording artist, actress, and philanthropist. She made her debut as a child actress in Barney & Friends. In 2008, she came to prominence as a starring cast member in the television film Camp Rock. She signed to Hollywood Records the same year, and released her debut studio album, Don't Forget, in September 2008. The album sold 89,000 copies within its first week, debuting at number 2 on the Billboard 200 It has since been certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for sales of over 530,000. In 2009, Lovato was commissioned her own television series, Sonny with a Chance. That July, her second album, Here We Go Again, became her first to debut atop the U.S. Billboard 200, selling 108,000 copies in its first week and spawning the single of the same name which became her first to break the top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number 15.

After the release of additional television films and their accompanying soundtracks in 2010, Lovato's personal struggles sent her acting career into hiatus, and saw the closure of her television show Sonny with a Chance after its second season. She released her third album, Unbroken, in September 2011. The album addresses several of her difficulties, notably her lead single "Skyscraper" which became her first single to be certified platinum by the RIAA. The second single, "Give Your Heart a Break", was later certified double-platinum in the United States. The album had been certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America. Lovato served as a judge and mentor on the American version of The X Factor from 2012 to 2013. She released fourth album, Demi, in May 2013 to critical success, selling 110,000 copies within its first week, becoming her highest opening week to date. The album was preceded by its lead single, "Heart Attack", that February and was certified double-platinum by the RIAA. In September 2013, Lovato announced plans to go on a North American leg of her third headlining concert tour, The Neon Lights Tour in promotion of her fourth studio album Demi. Lovato has said that her fifth studio album will be recorded in 2014 and she is hoping to have it released the same year


Demi Lovato
c/o Hollywood Records
500 S. Buena Vista St.
Burbank, CA 91521

Demi Lovato
10635 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Demi Lovato
The Jonas Group
10153 1/5 Riverside Dr.
Toluca Lake, CA 91602


Ryley's picture
Submitted by Ryley (not verified) on

Thank you. You knew how I felt, I used to cut all the time and make myself throw up and I would burn myself and I tried to kill myself but im still here and lie is getting better. So I just want to thank you for being you. Love you

Gabriel griffin's picture
Submitted by Gabriel griffin (not verified) on

I am Gabriel griffin, I am enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. I'm a fan of your music but I what I'm commenting for is to ask you a question. Every year we host the Marine Corps ball. It is a formal event and it's lots of fun. We wear our beautiful dress blues and dance and dine with all the Marines from our unit. My question for you pertains to this event. Would you be my guest to the Marine Corps Ball ? The ball is held early to mid November. I am stationed in San Diego, CA

Natasha Vazquez 's picture
Submitted by Natasha Vazquez (not verified) on

Thank you for being honest and real Demi you and your music have helped me feel better your book staying strong is so inspiring I had gotten my first tattoo and its of the birds on your cover I just loved them and put my own spin on the design I wish there was some way to show you

Rebecca Ingwersen's picture
Submitted by Rebecca Ingwersen (not verified) on

Demi, thank you for helping me and a lot of people around the world.
your an awesome person and my idol. if you didn't inspire people and myself, myself and a lot of people wouldn't be standing on this earth anymore. Just wanted to say thank you for helping people for the need of help. we love you Demi

Hayle's picture
Submitted by Hayle (not verified) on

Dear Demi,
I think you are doing something remarkably courageous when you speak about the bipolar disorder. I want to share my feelings in support of your voice. Basically, people can become ill after getting hurt. Something hurt you and you got ill. It is so human and normal. Our medical system is responsible for the labeling. I use a holistic approach to healing.I am healing myself from PTSD because I was a victim of malpractice. I have learned that self acceptance is critical to healing and forgiving; which is giving all your pain to God so that you can tell Him what graces you desire now that your pain is no longer in your being. It is a cleansing method. I also physically cleanse my body by detoxing. It is a holistic thing. Take care of you.

Sadie's picture
Submitted by Sadie (not verified) on

When I was in 4th grade I was sexually abused and almost got choked to death by a family friend that I had trust in since forever and I have had severe depression ever since and I have blamed it all on myself and I have been harming myself I have scars on top of scars from cutting myself my family is losing hope cause they don't know how else to help me so on top of that I have the weight of the world on my shoulders and I don't know how much longer u can handle it ..... Ur my idol and I would love to meet u but idk if I could make it long enough to

Paul Rodgers's picture
Submitted by Paul Rodgers (not verified) on

Dear Ms. Lovato,
My name is Paul Rodgers and I’m contacting you today on behalf of a young lady who is, in my opinion, your biggest fan. My wife, Loralee Rodgers, is a Social Worker at Michiana Behavioral Health in Plymouth, IN. Loralee has a young female patient that I would like to tell you about. Because of privacy laws and such, I’m not allowed to give her name out, so I’ll just refer to her in this letter as Jane and she is 16 years old. Jane has gone through some extraordinary circumstances in her life, but one thing that has kept her going through everything is her love for you. See, you and Jane have some things in common. Jane is Hispanic, a self-harmer, struggles with mental illness and depression, has an eating disorder and is very suicidal. You have gone through many struggles in your life, and, through hard work and a loving support network, have overcome many of those obstacles. Jane has followed your story and music for many years. She sees you and her as being on similar paths. Jane has seen how you’ve dealt with your struggles and finds you as an inspiration and a “Guiding Light”. You actually met her once at one of your concerts. She had a backstage pass and had a photo taken with you and her together. She carries that photo on her everyday as a symbol of encouragement and hope. Her 17th birthday is coming up on July 26th. I believe it would be a tremendous act of love and support if you could give Jane a call to wish her a happy birthday and thank her for being such a huge fan. If you’re willing to do this for Jane, it would be imperative that you call my wife Loralee before Friday, July 24th to set up the phone call between you and Jane. You can contact Loralee’s cellphone at (574) 514-2773 or her direct line at work at (574) 941-5772. You would make a young lady’s wish come true! Thank you for your time and consideration on this matter.

norah's picture
Submitted by norah (not verified) on

dear Demi, you are the best singer song writer ever i love you so much and your new single Confident is amaizing

Dv's picture
Submitted by Dv (not verified) on

Which address is the actual fan mail ? Are they all of them ?

Cory's picture
Submitted by Cory on

All of these addresses have been used by fans recently with success and are listed in order of reputation, with the best address being first.

Devante Matthew's picture
Submitted by Devante Matthew (not verified) on

Hi Demi, I'm a huge fan. I'm from st.thomas virgin Islands and I'm in Edison Job Corps in New Jersey. I'm also head of the LGBT club here and we are fighting for equality and unity here. I would love for you to contact me at my email: and make an appearance here to show your support of the LGBT community and what we stand for. Thank you!!!

Yvonne Mouthaan's picture
Submitted by Yvonne Mouthaan (not verified) on

I hope that someday you'll read this. Cuz let's be real.. You've got like a bazillion of fans all of the world who all say they love you so much. So it's gonna be hard to stick out a little.. I wish i had your phone number or e-mail or a big megaphone which i could reach you with. But i don't.. I live in the Netherlands which is one of the smallest countries. Will you someday soon be here or in Germany/France? If there will ever be a chance to speak to you i'll not cry but it would not only make my day/week/or year.... BUT LIFE!! :) 2 eating disorders, cutting, and bipolar has been on my plate for a while now.. And i can't seem to find a 'true' way out... You have reached that point in life. I can only imagine how much effort that mush have cost.. I love seeing you happy! And someday i hope to be able to say the same and mean it. But thanks to you, and your music, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Still a longggg walk but at least there is light now ;). So i wanna thank you for standing out, And talking about everything. There is no-one like you in the public eye at this point. Actually i don't think there's ever been anyone like you. Your courage is beyond amazing. I think you only know a tiny procent of all the people who's lives you've changed over the last couple years. Still craving to say this to you in person/or give you a (non-creepy) tremendous hug!!! someday.. Till then i hope you know that you're giving people the same joy with your music as Kelly Clarkson gave you at a concert ;). But then everyday ;). Love you girl Stay Confidently Strong ;) <3 - Yvonne Mouthaan.

Musta Bella Francisc 's picture
Submitted by Musta Bella Fra... (not verified) on

Good demi lovato please come to Romania you hear and Romania as sing please come in Targu Mures and I know you are the biggest fan of yours and waiting for you to come to sing and we're calling in the sea pleasure and waiting for you with open arms

Toni-Marie (UK)'s picture
Submitted by Toni-Marie (UK) (not verified) on

I want to say Thank-you for everything! You taught me to believe when I thought things wouldn't.
I saw this video on You-tube called 'Demi Lovato "Please Don't hurt yourself" ' And it really made me cry, in the video you told me to stay strong and that I was beautiful. No-one has ever told that I am beautiful, so thank-you. I really admire you for everything you've done, you've made me realize that if you could get through what you went through then I can get through anything that this world throws at me. At the moment I don't have any friends, I walk around school alone and I cry in the toilets. My friends were just really mean to me one day and just left me on my own. I was heartbroken and scared, i didn't know what to do. Your music continues to get me through everyday, I don't know what I would do without your music. I'd be lost. About a year ago, I was attacked in the street by a boy in my year at school, i've been terrified ever since and my friends leaving me has just made it worse.
I don't think I've ever felt so alone in all of life, I don't like it Demi, what can I do?? Please help me get through it. I love you and always will. Please don't stop singing, ever. xxxxx

A Fan's picture
Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on

Has turned into a horrible role model. Why do you need to flip people off in pictures? You need to get some self esteem.. Go back to rehab. Take your meds. Might help.

joey's picture
Submitted by joey (not verified) on

Hey!! Be nicer to demi, I may not know alot about her but she could be going through tough times.

Joey's picture
Submitted by Joey (not verified) on

Hey demi,
I heard over FM97 that your dog died, I feel really sorry, I know how it feels I lost 2 very close cats in the same year, I mourned for months but then I realized, my cats will be with me my entire life in my heart, and again I feel sorry about your loss. I also hope you feel better.

Wendy M. Malsegna's picture
Submitted by Wendy M. Malsegna (not verified) on

Demi, I know you probably get a lot of requests. I have no Idea how to even contact you. I am a Detective in Rochester, NY. I work child abuse cases (Mainly Sex abuse) In 2013 a 13 year old girl disclosed awful things that were happening to her over the course of 6 years and as result we arrested 2 people. One of which has been sentenced to 18 years in a NYS Prison. She is 15 now and struggles with depression. YOU are her inspiration. Her mother brought her to one of your concerts and she listens to your music often to find strength to go on.I am so proud of her. The strength and the courage it took to come forward is hard to put into words. Is there anything you can do to REACH out to her to let her know she is NOT alone. I keep in touch with her often and worry always. The kids from my cases are a part of my life and I would so like to have her meet you, talk to you and know she can do this!!!! If interested email me back and I will give you my personal info. so I can talk to you.

Najwa's picture
Submitted by Najwa (not verified) on

No one can understand how much I love Demi Lovato she has inspired me since 2012 and I just love her so much I have been through so much and still am but Demi has been there for me and I love her so much I could write pages and pages about her and I can't even tell you guys how much I love her and how much can I wanna meet her but I can't really afford to go to her concert my parents said till I'm older but I don't think that will happen I would probably faint if I saw her if I had one wish in the world it would be to meet Demi LOVATO I love her unconditionally and be inspired by her love you Demi stay strong

David powers's picture
Submitted by David powers (not verified) on

I'm throwing a sweet 16 for my god daughter last year she was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of 14 luckily she has made it through however this is obviously a horrific thing to have to go through no matter how old...she is my world I am throwing her her sweet 16 in NY in July she's an amazing kid honor roll varsity cheer lacrosse all around great person she deserves nothing but the best I'm already spending a fortune for her party is there anyway you would find it in your amazing soul to just stop at the party and sing one song I cannot pay but it would mean the world to her and that's all I want to give her is the world

Stephanie's picture
Submitted by Stephanie (not verified) on

I totally love Demi lovato because she is my favorite singer. Demi I love your music and your performance, I love how you open about what you been through. I actually been through something few years ago and you a uplifting person. Your music is so inspiring to me. I have every album of yours and your voice is so amazing. I want to see you in concert because I love how you express yourself. I saw you once and that was amazing how you play the drums at the neon lights tour. Im a huge fan of you and I really want to meet you because you are my favorite singer of all the singers. ❤️❤️❤️❤️. You rock Demi!!!

gsm3luna's picture
Submitted by gsm3luna (not verified) on

Demi, for a time I was in a bad place. I tired several times to end my life. I saw that you were going though bad times too, but you kept going. (I don't know why you were having a hard time or what you did to get past it) but knowing you got past it gave me hope to keep pushing in life. Here I am several years later and I am doing great. The reason I am here leaving a comment here is in hopes someday that I will be able to thank you in person. But until that day comes...... thank you so much demi. Knowing your pushing though life always keeps my up knowing that if I ever sink again I can just look you up and have the strength to push on's picture
Submitted by beautifullyyoum... (not verified) on

My 14 year old daughter has begun a charity that in 2 weeks has touched the lives of over 3000 kids. We are looking for people and organizations to collaborate to spread the message of hope that she is trying to share. was begun to inspire young preteens to embrace what is beautiful within themselves rather than societal norms. It has blossomed into an all out effort to instill and empower these same preteens in order to prevent the social anxieties of middle school as well as educate the schools and parents in recognizing, intervening and supporting kids at risk.

8th grader, Hailey R. the wrote a book to appeal to just those kids. Having witnessed and experienced much of the book’s content, she was able to capture the emotional distress, eventual victory and encourage conversation about what is beautiful within them. It has opened up a huge dialogue between parent and child and is now endorsed by Cashman Center’s lead psychologist and several other therapists, our school district, the local News, the Children’s Hospital and many many more. It is going viral slowly, but the message is so important it needs a group like you to endorse to help it get “legs” and help even more kids across the nation.

Too often, the stigma of social anxiety issues keeps kids from asking for help and if we can help them PRIOR to their psyche being exposed to the brutality of middle school, we could literally save lives.

Will you please take the time to read her FREE FOR DOWNLOAD book and if you deem it worthy- do anything, shout out, twitter, share with partners, FB, on your site, come along side, interview… anything to help us, help them.


Jessica's picture
Submitted by Jessica (not verified) on

Demi, I'm 19, I have been through rape, physical abuse, bullying, my best friend committing suicide, and two heartbreaks. Your music is what kept me alive. I wish I could tell you how amazing you are, I listened to warrior almost every day for the past year, and I love every song you've ever done. I love you so much and thank you for being there for me through your music every depressing day. You encouraged me to be me and keep going even though all I wanted to do was die. Please don't give up. You're beautiful and amazing and such an encouragement to girls like me.

crystal ramshaw's picture
Submitted by crystal ramshaw (not verified) on

im takeing my daughter to ur concert august 20th 2016 that is her birthday and she really wants to see if she can get a pic or backstage pass with you how would i beable to do something like for her with you

Yasmin's picture
Submitted by Yasmin (not verified) on

You are such an amazing person. You inspire thounds of people around you. You are so amazing. I love your song really don't care. It's saying to the bully's that you do not care. You are awesome

Fadila's picture
Submitted by Fadila (not verified) on

Hi demi ... First of all i want to tell u that u are a hilarious person with a really great personnality i really love u so much and i really want tp c u one day ive always wanted to become a singer but my VOICE SUCKS anyways stay comfident and dont ever change ur amazing personnality amd again ill say i would really like to meet u one day

Sarah Carpenter's picture
Submitted by Sarah Carpenter (not verified) on

Dear Demi,
I know that you will not read this, but lovatics never give up! I just want to say that you are truly an amazing person. I love your songs, but what o love more is how you love each and every one of your fans. You have the best personality and have jad such a powerful impact on so many peoples lives. You are so beautiful and courageous. Love you!

Kitty Reddick's picture
Submitted by Kitty Reddick (not verified) on

Demi, I recently saw a post where people were loving I Justin's naked body but hated on you for a bikini photo. Just know you have fans who have followed your full career still supporting and defending you. You have been an inspiration to not just me, but millions of people. I believe you are part of the mondern day 80s rock bands, those people played to inspire and to love and to teach. And that's what you do. I know youll probably never see this, but you are defended Demi, by people who love you who don't even fully know you. Keep on fighting. Can't wait to hear what your next song will be.

Amber Rivera's picture
Submitted by Amber Rivera (not verified) on

HEY Demi I just wanted to let you know that I look up to you. As a child I was bullied as well.Til This day i still struggle with in securities and self mutilation..I really Love the way you carry yourself and You are a very important person to me in life..STAY STRONG ❤

Caitlin Olson's picture
Submitted by Caitlin Olson (not verified) on

hi demi, i just wanted to let you know that you mean a lot to me. you have shown me how to be stroung. I really can't wait to see you in concert on 8/31/16 and i am bringing my girlfriend along with me. i love you like a sister and your amazing. somethings get me down sometimes but in some of those moments and when i feel like i need to be strong i think of you. you are always with me. i love you demi. if you ever get a chance and just think about it. i would like to email you someday. stay strong.

Zoey Abbott's picture
Submitted by Zoey Abbott (not verified) on

Hey Demi, I just wanted to tell you thank you. Thank you for all of your inspiration you have given me. I was going down a really dark path, but you helped me. I'm not going to lie, but, I shouldn't even be alive right now but I held in there because you did. You have turned my life around and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you for that. My life growing up was awful, I was mentally, physically and sexually abused at home and bullied at school. I had no where to go, but I would listen to your story and your songs and be reminded that I am unique and deserve to live. You are beautiful on the inside and out. I love you so much and thank you for being my inspiration for as long as I can remember. It is my dream to meet you, but honestly if I did I wouldn't be able to get one word out without crying. Thank you for being you and being so genuinely amazing, don't let anyone ever dull your spark, I love you!

nicole's picture
Submitted by nicole (not verified) on

Thank you for making daughters first ever concert the best! She looks up to you so much! Especially because of dealing with mental health issue! You are amazing!

Rukaya hassem's picture
Submitted by Rukaya hassem (not verified) on

Hi Demi my daughters name is Zainub and she absolutely adores u she is 13 years old she would absolutely freak out if u could send her a shout out she has started a u tube channel zee_23 because u have boosted her confidence she love writing and she writes songs saying that u inspire her to do it when she's sad or upset she writes it down and it makes her feel better her she even follows u on instagram her name is icy_sweetie please can u send her a shout out or comment on her videos it would really make her year ...

Kashif shafiq 's picture
Submitted by Kashif shafiq (not verified) on

Hey Demi! You have been a great human being over the years, putting and end to Body shame and inspiring and encouraging people to accept the way they are , I'm originally from Pakistan and been living in US for about 5 years and it's been a ultimate desire to meet you one day in person.
Keep inspiring people,
Much love and prayers

Nikita's picture
Submitted by Nikita (not verified) on

I have family issues with my dad, and you have inspired me to keep going and to never give up, no matter what. On my Christmas list i put lots of demi lovato things. I hope to one day meet you, that is my biggest dream.

Cameron Bowen 's picture
Submitted by Cameron Bowen (not verified) on

Hey Demi, I just wanna say you are so inspiring. I have been battling major depression since I was twelve. I am 16 now. I have been bullied my whole life. I overdosed in seventh grade in my school bathroom and failed and was admitted to rehab. I got help and now it's getting worse. I keep listening to your music and watching interviews of you. I'm just a teenage girl, who wants to feel happy again. I have self harmed a lot in my past. It's addicting but I haven't done it in a while but am starting to crave it. I'm scared to talk to my dad. It would really make me happy to hear some advice from you. So please help me

Demi324's picture
Submitted by Demi324 (not verified) on

You have inspired my to write sing and make a lot of my own music and I want to thank you for that

I love you Demi!!!!

leah's picture
Submitted by leah (not verified) on

Dear Demi, I don't know if you read all you fan mail but its worth a try. you really inspire me . your songs touch me and it really helped me through hard times. my parents recently got divorced and its been really hard. I am 16 and I have 4 younger siblings. everything in my life just crumbled and one point but I am working through my hardships thanks to you and also my awesome friends. a lot of singers make songs that are empty , just words but your songs are filled with compassion and meaning. I love to sing and people tell me I have a good voice. singing is my hobby and safe place , its how I get through life. I was never a skinny girl but you inspired me not to care. I am part of your millions of fans and maybe you will see this. I will watch you preform and grow from afar. thank you for being the best person youu can be and giving all you can to your fans. love, leah ps: LOVE YOU DEMI!!!!!

Miranda Gutierrez's picture
Submitted by Miranda Gutierrez (not verified) on

Dear Demi ,
I hope you get to read this but my name is Miranda Gutierrez I'm 14 and I live in Needville, Texas. Since I was a young girl ive always been bullied to the point where I didn't want to be in this world. For a long time I was depressed and I didn't know how to share it . Wow this is so hard.. um ... so I thought if I put on a smile . No one would notice and would stay out of my bubble . Ive been severely depressed and thw icing on the cake was when my mom passed away 2 days after my lil brothers birthday. It hit him the hardest because he was a mommas boy but he is upsessed with "neon lights" . After that my world ended . they're were or still are times I wake up screaming "where's mom" and " shes not gone . I haft to find her " . I have breakdowns a lot and I feel like the only way to cope with this feeling was to physically hurt myself . So I started cutting right after the funeral. I would cut . Hit myself . Punch the wall. And at a very yound age I would drink whiskey and tequila to the point I didn't care . I took it to school multiple times until one day I got caught and now I'm in Alternative school for 120 days. I hate myself everyday because my mom dealt with severe depression and anxiety and seizures . And every day I think they're was something I could've don't to help to prevent thia from happening . If I cojld go back I would travel thw world to help her . She is my everything and now I feel empty . My life no longer matters . To this day I have severe depression and try my best to put on a smile . When I'm in that stage where I cant do it anymore . I put on your music and I sing alomg and all of a sudden my problems are shoved in the back of thw closet. Since the beggining you have always been apart of my world. You give me that extra weight and energy I need in this world. You make me feel whole like I'm worth it . My life is nothing compared to yours literally. At one point you inspired me to write my own songs but it got out and kids would throw my song books in the toilet and call me trash that I belong down the toilet too. After that I gave up I draw and sketch now but haven't in a really long time . You make me happy . And it feels good considerate . Your my inspiration and role model forever .

Stephanie Montalvo's picture
Submitted by Stephanie Montalvo (not verified) on

I've been a fan of yours since your first album came out, the song "Skyscraper" has been such a saving grace for me. I've been through a lot in the fast few years, just getting out of a abusive relationship your songs have made me stronger than I ever thought I could be. You are a great role model to all girls, showing them that it doesn't matter what people think, it matters that you believe in yourself. If I could, meet you then I'd tell you thank you for saving my life with your music.

Bhili (Billie) Gill's picture
Submitted by Bhili (Billie) Gill (not verified) on

Hey Demi, June 1st -5th of this year, after I graduate , a choir from my school will be singing in new York. I'm in that choir I would love to have the chance to meet you and even perform a solo for you. I made Texas all state choir this year (finally!!) And I've been practicing songs just in case I do meet you :). You're my role model and I would love an honest opinion from you on my voice. Do you think you can be in new York during that time? I hope so I'll be praying you do, stay awesome!!

 Anne's picture
Submitted by Anne (not verified) on

I know you will probably never see this,but I love you! You have saved my life. never change, youre perfect. Dont listen to the haters!

Briaunna nash's picture
Submitted by Briaunna nash (not verified) on

Hey Demi I would love to be famous and I was wondering could you be a teach me how to be a actress and I will do my best and try to make you proud of me and maybe one day we could be friends but for right now just give me a chance to show you what I can learn from you

Katie's picture
Submitted by Katie (not verified) on


I could never thank you enough for the impact your music has on my every day life. Battling with severe anxiety and depression you powerful and uplifting songs get me through some of my hardest days. Most recently "Sorry not sorry." I blast this song on repeat every day and sing on the top of my lungs, wishing I sounded like you. You are an amazing and inspritational soul. Love you❤️❤️❤️❤️

Katie's picture
Submitted by Katie (not verified) on


There are no words that could possibly ever express how much of an impact your music has on my everyday life. Battling day after day with major anxiety and depression your music motivates me and reminds me that life will ALWAYS get better. You are an amazing inspirational soul and you truly deserve to know that. My most recent fav is of course "Sorry Not Sorry." I blast it on repeat everyday singing it on the top of my lungs, wishing I sounded like you!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, for giving the world your talents!!!!