Alicia Keys

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Alicia Augello Cook
hip-hop, pop
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Songs in A Minor album

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Alicia Keys is a R&B singer, songwriter, pianist, record producer, and actress. Keys released her debut album with J Records, having had previous record deals first with Columbia and then Arista Records. Keys' debut album, Songs in A Minor, was a commercial success, selling over 12 million copies worldwide. She became the best-selling new artist and best-selling R&B artist of 2001. The album earned Keys five Grammy Awards in 2002, including Best New Artist and Song of the Year for "Fallin'" becoming the second American recording artist to win five Grammys in one night. Her second studio album, The Diary of Alicia Keys, was released in 2003 and was also another success worldwide, selling eight million copies. The album garnered her an additional four Grammy Awards in 2005. Later that year, she released her first live album, Unplugged, which debuted at number one in the United States. She became the first female to have an MTV Unplugged album to debut at number one and the highest since Nirvana in 1994.

Keys has made guest appearances on several television series, beginning with The Cosby Show. She made her film debut in Smokin' Aces and also went on to appear in The Nanny Diaries in 2007. Her third studio album, As I Am, was released in the same year and sold five million copies worldwide, earning Keys an additional three Grammy Awards. The following year, she appeared in The Secret Life of Bees, which earned her a nomination at the NAACP Image Awards. She released her fourth album, The Element of Freedom, in December 2009, which became Keys' first chart-topping album in the United Kingdom. She released her fifth album, Girl on Fire, in November 2012, which became Keys' fifth chart-topping album in the United States.

Throughout her career, Keys has won numerous awards and sold over 35 million albums and 30 million singles worldwide. Billboard magazine named her the top R&B songs artist of the 2000s decade. In 2010, VH1 included Keys on its list of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time. Billboard magazine placed her number ten on their list of Top 50 R&B/Hip-Hop Artists of the Past 25 Years.


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Samantha F.'s picture
Submitted by Samantha F. (not verified) on

Dear Alicia Keys,
I would like to comment on your amazing work.
I love your music that you made.
When I heard you on the Voice I could not, help but have to message you.
Thank you for your time.

Laura Dills's picture
Submitted by Laura Dills (not verified) on

I consider myself being a singer like you. I do have the talent of singing and dancing. My favorite dessert is ice cream! And yes I do running for my exercise.

Jamie's picture
Submitted by Jamie (not verified) on

In this new world, with a new president, I have been an avid fan of the voice. Because of this, I have looked up each judges background. I found out through this investigation that you are from a mixed race family and raised by your European mother. I am trying to better understand the "world" and it seems that you gravitate to your father's lineage, more than the person that raised you. I was hoping that you could provide insight into this. For me, I am trying to learn the different perspectives of people of color. For me, I can't change who my parents were, but for you, as mentioned, it seems that you relate to your father over your mother. Your insight would really be educational.

Mila Jemeljanova's picture
Submitted by Mila Jemeljanova (not verified) on

I really wanted to say thank you for your beauty that you translate through your songs! I am trying to say an egoless thank you for your music, but I can't...because your music has inspired me so much, and I've sang so many of your songs, truly felt them and singing for me is revealing my soul. I do music only as my hobby though...
The last song that has gone to the core of my consciousness, to my bones is Holy war. It is what I want to pass as a message to the world right now! I live in London originally from Latvia and can not accept how we go on like this as people, we are one tribe for God's sake. I only want that love conquers the mindset of people and they stop the war on the east as it only brings up the worst in in people who create the attacks, that is also a message, but those who should hear it are not threatened and will just say on tv how sad they that this keeps happening! when they don't even try to stop the war in the first place!!!

Thank you Alicia for being the voice that is big enough to spread the message of love!

Jennifer portalatin's picture
Submitted by Jennifer portalatin (not verified) on

Hi the love of my life, just lefted me. I miss her so much, I want her back so bad. She is loves you Alicia keys she dedicated a song that you sang if I ain't got you. I miss all 5 of my kids, please in need her back.

Larry's picture
Submitted by Larry (not verified) on

Would love to see Alicia Keys as an actress starring in romantic comedy roles. Such a beautiful girl in and out that everyone would always root for.

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