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Wardell Stephen "Steph" Curry II (born March 14, 1988) is a professional basketball player for the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Listed at 6 ft 3 in tall and weighing 190 lb, Curry plays the point guard position and is considered by some to be the greatest shooter in NBA history. The 2015 NBA Most Valuable Player and a two-time NBA All-Star, he is the son of former NBA player Dell Curry.

Curry played college basketball for Davidson. There, he was twice named Southern Conference Player of the Year and set the all-time scoring record for both Davidson and the Southern Conference. During his sophomore year, Curry also set the single-season NCAA record for three-pointers made.

Curry was selected with the seventh overall pick in the 2009 NBA draft by the Golden State Warriors. During the 2012–13 season, he set the NBA record for three-pointers made in a regular season with 272. The next season, Curry and teammate Klay Thompson set the NBA record for combined threes in a season with 484 as the pair were given the nickname the "Splash Brothers". In 2014–15, Curry eclipsed his own record by knocking down his 273rd three-pointer on April 9, 2015, finishing the regular season with 286 three-pointers and was named MVP after leading the Warriors to a franchise-record and NBA-best 67 wins on the season.

On May 13, 2015, in a 98-78 win over the Memphis Grizzlies in Game 5 of the Western Conference semi-finals, Curry became the fastest player to make 100 three-pointers in the playoffs, reaching the milestone in 28 games. Ray Allen held the previous record at 35. In addition, Curry became the first player in NBA history to have six three-pointers and six steals in a single playoff game. Three days later, in the series-clinching Game 6 victory, Curry made a playoff career-high 8 three-pointers, en route to 32 points, including a buzzer-beater from behind half-court. Curry propelled the Warriors to their first Western Conference Finals since 1976. On May 23, in a 115-80 win over the Houston Rockets in Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals, Curry broke the record for three-pointers made in a single post-season with his 59th coming in just 13 games.


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Submitted by Ulysse (not verified) on

Hey Stephen Curry my name is Ulysse and I am nine. I live in Dakar,Senegal. I love basketball and I am a point guard like you. I just wanted to wish you good luck for the play off's. I was also wondering if you could answer on this email.Do not stop with the three pointers.

Thank you, Ulysse

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Submitted by Kimberly (not verified) on

To whom it may concern,

My name is Kimberly and I am writing this letter in regards to the Golden State Warriors Basketball organization. This letter is me asking the organization to produce party supplies for kids. My son is a big Golden State Warriors fan and so I'm planning him a Golden State Warriors theme 10th Birthday Party. However the only party supplies I was able to find were napkins and balloons from party city online. Not even in store or on the fan website.  I live in the Southern California area and still I can't find anything for my child party. My son is a huge fan of the team and I have spent hundreds of dollars buy players shoes and warriors apparel. And to not have any party supplies for kids isn't right! I can't even find any party supplies with Stephen Curry on it and that's his favorite player and a person he admire. I just feel that there are kids who really love and admire the team, like my son. But yet there no supplies for their parties. As a supportive parent to my son who's a big fan of the Golden State Warriors I’m asking for just a little support or compensation from the organization. It's my son's 10th B-Day and it will mean a lot to him and myself if something can be done about this situation.

At this point I didn't know what else to do but reach out to this organization and let it be known that kids need party supplies to celebrate their favorite team and players on their special day.

-Thank you!

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Submitted by Misty (not verified) on

Hello I have a student on my bus he is in a wheelchair he love you guys don't miss a game he always wears your tee shirt he started playing basketball with a team so exciting he looks up to you all I have a pic of him but don't know how to send it he would love to meet you some day he I a cool kid he lives in Tracy ca

Maha's picture
Submitted by Maha (not verified) on

I don't know much about basketball but my two younger cousins are big fans of yours and I was wondering if I could get signed jerseys from you for their graduation? It would make their day and they would be really thrilled! I would also become their favorite cousin of all time!
Thank You

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Submitted by Egor Tarasyuk (not verified) on

Hi Steph. My name is Egor Tarasyuk and I am 10 years old and in 4th grade.I live in Livingston, New Jersey and my zip code is 07039. I have never went to a basketball game before. I play ice hockey and basketball. You are my all time favorite player. I have two little sisters named Anya and Ivanka. I really love watching you on youtube. Your 3-pointers are sick! Lastly, I would like to say that I would appreciate if you gave me and my family 5 tickets to go to one of your games and I would also apreciate if you would let me meet you. Thank you so much and I hope that you email me back.

Daniel everett's picture
Submitted by Daniel everett (not verified) on

Hey Steph, I love your game and you as an athlete. It would be awesome if you would promote Jesus more given your platform in this world. John 3:16

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Submitted by Jojo (not verified) on

Hey steph, I saw u play all your games great job!! I wanted to see if I could come see you soon and or next basketball year and go to one of your games! You met my friend grant and his sister and played with them!! Thanks for that!! Hope I can see you soon!! Good luck! Congratulations on winning the 2017 season

Tony Rotella's picture
Submitted by Tony Rotella (not verified) on

Very bad move! Your team has lost my total respect and I will no longer support your team!

Patricia Dizmang's picture
Submitted by Patricia Dizmang (not verified) on

I'm a Physician in Napa, Ca. I've followed your team, been so proud of you. I need to express my sincere disappointment in your turning down the invitation of our President in his congratulating your team on the NBA win. So many people love and follow you and your team. It is so vital for all of us Americans to be united politically. You influence more people than you can imagine, including so many young people. I know you're a family person and I hope a Christian. Please attend the white house meeting; support our country. This is also for the coach Mr. Kerr whom I've always loved and respected. Please don't let our country down

Tiffany Rodriguez's picture
Submitted by Tiffany Rodriguez (not verified) on

Dear Stephen Curry

Hello my name isTiffany And my son is 13 yrs old. He is a big fan n looks just like u. The reason y I'm writing u is because my son loves ball but he is seriously struggling in school because every1 says he looks like u n he took that to the head n his grade level went low. I don't mind him being ur fan kuz u a great role model but I would love u to meet him and talk some sense in this boy head that education is the key to b successful. Thank u in advance!

Sincerely Yours,
Tiffany Rodriguez
P.S: hope to hear from u soon!!!

Tom Cathcart's picture
Submitted by Tom Cathcart (not verified) on

Hey there, I would encourage you to reconsider your statement about NOT visiting the White House. Don't let your emotions override just plain old good manners. Heck, I have said that I wouldn't want to eat dinner with our former President but that is totally the wrong way to look at it. Take your rawest emotion about Trump and double it and you'll have an idea about how I felt for about 8 years. Not right but it was so. I hope you understand that your visibility as an NBA player has quite an effect. Nothing wrong with a viewpoint but the intent can be hurtful and harmful. Have fun......TC

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Submitted by Cathe (not verified) on

I attend this tournament every year and decided to bring my 5 year old grandson, as is a HUGE Stephen Curry fan. He has been anticipating the trip for months. We got to the tournament at 9am and anxiously awaiting him to finish on the 18th hole to get his autograph. Waiting that long for a 5 year is definitely a challenge. Stephen came and went and totally ignored the kids even after they begged for an autograph. My grandson sat in the seats in the edge closest to where the players must pass and begged. All to break down and start crying.

It's unfortunate that players don't take the time or even acknowledge the children. He was crushed. All spectators around us knew he had been waiting all day. Broke my heart to see him cry and ask why wouldn't he stop when others would?

Janie Ayala 's picture
Submitted by Janie Ayala (not verified) on

My best friend Debbie Pua lives in Salinas, Ca. She has terminal bladder cancer.  She has been given 3 weeks to 2 months to live as of today 

She is the biggest Steph Curry fan. One of her last wishes is to meet him. 

If there is any way possible that her last wishes be granted, it would mean the world to her.

I can be contacted at:

Janie Ayala

(831) 578-144

Thank you

Ilias chalifoux 's picture
Submitted by Ilias chalifoux (not verified) on

Hey Steph, I'm 17years old... born and raised in Canada, your my idol and role model, eventually I'll be where you are. I've been practicing my three becoming the best shooter in my league. Eventually I'll going to try beat your record for threes my record is 50... I wear your shoes and wrist band because they help me believe, but like you and I both know the lord is the main key... because I am a son of the lord, he gave me the ability to play basketball and all I want to do is make him proud. I hope sometime w can meet, it will be awesome to have a 3 point contest or a game of horse or pig...

Lynn Wilson's picture
Submitted by Lynn Wilson (not verified) on

Aiden,our grandson,7 yrs.old,had a birthday on September 7th,17 a big fan of yours. I thought it would be real cool if he could hear or whatever you can do,from his favorite basketball player. Ever since Aiden was 5 he would watch your games. On a team he would fake shots,look for openings,making good passes and scoring a lot of points. Parents were so amazed how he played the game so well at the age of 5yrs.old.that's all they would talk about.Aiden always bounces the ball around the house continuesly.He lives for basketball because of watching your talent. The presents he always asks for is always Steph Curry items.Aiden would be so very,very EXCITED!!! Thank You for your time.Have a great season.Lynn&Richard (Busia&Dzia-Dzia) Grandma&Grandpa in Polish.

Lynn Wilson's picture
Submitted by Lynn Wilson (not verified) on

I would like him to send my grandson a message or what he can do .Thak you!!!

James Ishikawa's picture
Submitted by James Ishikawa (not verified) on

It might be fun if you parry Mr. Durant's NIKE plug with offense rather than defense:
For 7 footers, and giants like Durant, NIKE might be the shoe for you.
BUT - If you build your game on shooting and movement and quickness - if you strive to corrode your opponent's defensive and hopelessly frustrate and destroy your opponent's psyche - If you wish to dazzle and dance with magic that sometimes seems impossible - then wear Under Armour's Curry 3ZERO - the shoe that inspires magic, the shoe that slays the giants, the shoe that Stephen Curry wears in the land of giants - although you could make a good argument for Dorothy's Ruby slippers if you're just lounging around the house.

Too bad you're not a KNICK.

Sherene Hawkins's picture
Submitted by Sherene Hawkins (not verified) on

Steph Curry is my son's favorite basketball star & wish that he could contact him or surprise him on his birthday.. February 5th

Bruce Hays 's picture
Submitted by Bruce Hays (not verified) on

Congratulations on your success! This is a long shot but will you fly me out to watch you play one game? I'd like to just shoot around with you and talk....we can play some horse or around the world. Thanks. Bruce


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