Family Guy

Show Premise: 

The show showcases adventures of the family of Peter Griffin, a bumbling blue-collar worker. Peter is married to Lois, a stay-at-home mother and piano teacher who is a member of the Pewterschmidt family of wealthy socialites. Peter and Lois have three children: Meg, their teenage daughter, who is awkward and does not fit in at school, and is constantly ridiculed and ignored by the family; Chris, their teenage son, who is overweight, unintelligent and a younger version of his father in many respects; and Stewie, their diabolical infant son of ambiguous sexual orientation who has adult mannerisms and uses stereotypical archvillain phrases. Living with the family is Brian, the family dog, who is highly anthropomorphized, drinks martinis, and engages in human conversation, though he is still considered a pet.

Production History: 

Family Guy was conceived by Seth MacFarlane after developing two animated films, "The Life of Larry" and "Larry & Steve." MacFarlane redesigned the films' protagonist, Larry, and his dog, Steve, and renamed them Peter and Brian. MacFarlane pitched a seven-minute pilot to Fox on May 15, 1998 and the show was given the green light to start production. Shortly after the third season of Family Guy had aired in 2001, Fox canceled the series, putting the series on a 2-year hiatus. However, favorable DVD sales and high ratings for syndicated reruns on Adult Swim convinced the network to renew the show in 2004 for a fourth season, which began airing on May 1, 2005.


"Family Guy Studios"
c/o Fox Television
10201 West Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064


Lee's picture
Submitted by Lee (not verified) on

Can someone get Seth Mcfarlane to add a segment based on those people that never shut up about sharks being harmless creatures. Like I can imagine an ep where you get a small segment of something completely random and funny which in this case would be a guy saying to his friend (they're on a boat and spot a shark) "it's okay dude, don't know you cows kill more people a year than a shark", then he jumps in and gets torn apart by the shark lol

Laurent's picture
Submitted by Laurent (not verified) on

My belgian biology professor calls an urgent pee «the poor's orgasm».

Lee's picture
Submitted by Lee (not verified) on

*Jerry springer type programme on TV.

"...And the dsa results are...

God, are not the child's biological father"

*God dances round the stage celebrating and hip thrusting whilst Mary is crying in the background holding the baby Jesus's in her arms

Buddhi's picture
Submitted by Buddhi (not verified) on

For the Wizard: Episode where the character's ages are switched...Meaning Stewie is the Father, Peter and Lois are younger, Ect.
If you don't know why I guess I'm smarter ;)

joel mallory's picture
Submitted by joel mallory (not verified) on

Ahem about that white castle joke - what is poignant is that the only black character was Cleveland and he's played by a white guy.

Daniel's picture
Submitted by Daniel (not verified) on

There's a joke somewhere between Conway Twitty and Kellyann Conway
"I haven't heard of a cover song this bad since Kellyann Conway something something."
Cutaway to Kellyann's boobs screaming the lyrics to Twitty's song Somebody Lied.
There's a better joke there somewhere, but I'm not a professional. Please. I want to see Conway Titty. I want it as abhorrent as possible.

Pascal's picture
Submitted by Pascal (not verified) on

Hey Family Guy, I'm a huge fan and I had an idea for an episode. Peter somehow because super politically correct and all that annoying crap, then his friends or a guest star teach him that it's annoying, and he becomes really racist and all that, and then he centers to the normal amount of political correctness. Could go the other way, up to you.

Major Family Guy Fan's picture
Submitted by Major Family Guy Fan (not verified) on

The idea I have for a cutaway would be about how Meg was conceived. Also since she's considered the ugly fat chick her conception could be just as ugly. Peter and Lois are having sex and right when they finish Peter's looking for something to clean himself off and finds a towel. When he gets done whipping himself off he passes the towel to Lois to use too and when she's​ finished cleaning herself off she notices blood on the towel, which is her period. Then she turns to Peter and says wow you sure dodged a bullet. Then it switches to another cutaway where there's a professor sitting down in a chair and says "that's where ugly bitches come from"..

feline1.0's picture
Submitted by feline1.0 (not verified) on

Hi Seth, I really love the show Family Guy, so I thought It would be a good idea if I gave you a perfect episode for season 15, so PLEASE PUT THIS ON TV: Stewie creates a mind switching machine (which also switches voices as well) , so Brian and Stewie decide to switch minds. But when Peter finds out about the invention, he switches bodies with Lois so he can find out why out why she's been so distant from him, then it starts getting worse when the machine is overheated and won't work because everyone starts switching bodies with each other too much. While they wait for the mind swapper to work, Peter finds out that Lois is distancing herself from him because she's insecure about her body because it's aging, and that she thinks Peter isn't attracted to her anymore. But Peter proves her wrong by making out and having romantic sex with her ... WITH PETER IN BRIAN'S BODY AND LOIS IN STEWIE'S BODY!!!!!!! The episode ends with everyone back into their bodies, with Brian and Stewie disgusted that Peter and Lois had sex in their bodies.

Gabriel Wilshire's picture
Submitted by Gabriel Wilshire (not verified) on

An episode about the long forgotten Buzz Killington, I loved Buzz Killington and would love to see him on the show again. Thank you for your time

Hamid's picture
Submitted by Hamid (not verified) on

I was thinking peter becomes a hacker and has a battle with stewie (nerd vs. geek) and then is like the world leader because he used some military drones or something to kill every world leader and becomes a power hungry bi*ch

Tyler Yule's picture
Submitted by Tyler Yule (not verified) on

They all get deunk and wake up next to eachother (Meg and Steve) (Chris and Haley) (Peter and Francine) (Lois and Stan) ( Brain and Roger) and Stewie fond them the next morning and makes fun of them, yadda yadda.

Jess72015's picture
Submitted by Jess72015 (not verified) on

Ive been watching family guy basically since it came out, i love everything about it the characters are great and so are all the story lines. Just a suggestion but something has been offending me about this show. Often i hear miscarriage jokes, as a woman who has experienced this, its not something to throw in there with the other gross hurtful puns. Id like to ask for it to be kept to a minumum. Its been upsetting me so much i wanna stop watching family guy almost immediatly when i hear a misscairage joke. Sincerly a hurt fan.

C. Flowers 's picture
Submitted by C. Flowers (not verified) on

Quick cutaway: mention how on willy wonka and the Chocolate family, grandpa Joe was bed ridden for 20 years but just ups and walks at the site of a golden ticket to a chocolate factory. It'd be a great set up joke for the mother, and how she bathe and care him for 20 years

Josh cole's picture
Submitted by Josh cole (not verified) on

I think it would be great if at some point in a episode the gang turned down a alley and came across two gangs that have Tourette's about to have a Tourette off both sides start snapping there fingers and start having a singing Tourette off as the guys watch. And for the lyrics I'm not sure you guys are great about that stuff

Thank you and I hope to see it in one of your episodes
Josh Cole

Josh cole's picture
Submitted by Josh cole (not verified) on

After there daughter has been taken Liam Neeson's character goes to his ex wife and kicks her ass while saying I told you she should not have gone
What you think
Thanks Josh Cole

Amanda's picture
Submitted by Amanda (not verified) on

I think you guys should include quagmires dad turned mom in the opening dance credits, also
I think it would be hilarious if you had an episode where meg got accidental cloned a bunch of times. Ps LOVE the show.

Turner Bankston's picture
Submitted by Turner Bankston (not verified) on

Hi I've been a fan for a long time and thought of an idea I would like to see. I love when y'all do your own versions of old movies. I'd like to see y'all do the 1985 movie House as an intro like y'all did the Incredible Hulk or as and intire episode idea.

Tori's picture
Submitted by Tori (not verified) on

Hello, I love the show and everything about it. I'm just going to throw some ideas at you, do with them what you will. Please
!. I've always believed P. Diddy is a robot created by Donald Trump.
2. You should do an episode based of the 1978 movie The Manitou, where a woman finds a lump on the back of her neck and turns out to be an Indian medicine man. The whole thing ends in a lazer battle in space.
Thank you so much
sincerely yours

Stephen Sanborn 's picture
Submitted by Stephen Sanborn (not verified) on

Somthing goes wrong with one of stewies inventions and turns everyone in Quohuag into real life versions of themselves.

Sophia Russo's picture
Submitted by Sophia Russo (not verified) on

Family guy
Shovel man

My friend and I came out with a really good idea for family guy. Peter, Brian and the guys decide to smoke weed because peter is tired of Lois is stressing out peter.

They are all sitting outside when Peter sees something in the corner of his eye and starts to say "guys who is that blue man" he says nervously
"Peter that's a shovel" said Brian (in a disappointed tone)
None of the guys believe peter but when they all look away peter looks back and the shovel man quickly bangs peters head

*peter yells*
Quagmire: "what the hell peter"
Peter: "shovel man just hit me guys did you see that?!?!"

Shovel man backstory:
Power lines are cut and the shovel is struck by lightning and turns into shoval man

Jerome's picture
Submitted by Jerome (not verified) on

If you every decide to go back to that you can say it was Lois ex Ross that did it to get back at them for eating his son in season 11 ep 1

joeriireoj's picture
Submitted by joeriireoj (not verified) on

stewie declares war between all children and adults this leads to an massive battle. ther are different kind of armies: the girls have all kinds of pony stuff, boy are dressed as knights & and babies just use their adorableness to win the fights.
sorry if I have bad English but I live in the netherlands.

Cody's picture
Submitted by Cody (not verified) on

So I've been binge watching family guy and some of the earlier episodes they mentioned something that seemed to be missed that could possibly be pretty funny but still it a touchy subject. So here's the pitch what if you guys use your own imagination for this but Jesus meets black Jesus. It might be pushing the limits due to recent events but I think it be interesting to see how family guy takes it kind a like how South Park went a little far to teach about asperger but it still got the point across and thanked for bringing knowledge of the disease.

phillip's picture
Submitted by phillip (not verified) on

peter becomes an evangelical faith healer by using google translate to interpret fundamentalist evangelicals speaking "in tongues".

Armani Gucci's picture
Submitted by Armani Gucci (not verified) on

Do a joke about everything bagels. I feel like that'd be funny and relatable.

Caleb G's picture
Submitted by Caleb G (not verified) on

Peter and Lois go to a fancy restaurant, and Peter orders the streak. The waiter says sure thing, how would you like it? Peter replies; well done like Jesus had his! Than a cutaway scene pops up with a waiter asking Jesus how he wants his steak, and Jesus answers, Well done my good and faithful servant

Danny's picture
Submitted by Danny (not verified) on

I think you guys should do an episode that focuses on Stewie going back to the future to check on his future self. Since he went back and prevented his near death experience, I imagine that Stew's life would have turned out differently.

Jordyn Neal's picture
Submitted by Jordyn Neal (not verified) on

Remember when Meg got that makeover in season 4? I think it would be great if you had her become popular and better looking for a few episodes kinda like the Brian death thing. It would be awesome to have Meg become more useful for a few episodes at least. I also thought having Brian get a girlfriend long term like Jillian would be great to. Also just like the Olivia thing have maybe Janet or some other girls involved with Stewie return.

Brett's picture
Submitted by Brett (not verified) on

Wacky Inflatable Flailing Arm Man goes sky diving. Do what you want with this. #nocopyright

Patrick Walton's picture
Submitted by Patrick Walton (not verified) on

Why is it that Peter and Lois never notice that Brian can talk to Stewie? Why not make an episode where Stewie is talking at dinner and brian says something in return then peter and lois question brian on who he is talking to. He says Stewie and then peter and lois want to talk to Stewie about why he is able to communicate with brian but not with them.

Irvin daughtery's picture
Submitted by Irvin daughtery (not verified) on

Can you create more new episodes of family guy

John D's picture
Submitted by John D (not verified) on

I like to say I love family guy I watch it all the time so at this time I like to tell u guys I can do different voices I do character voices all the time I make my own funny voice skits I even have my own character with the name and everything I would like to have an opportunity to see if you guys would like to try and have a new character on the show if you like to get ahold of me my email address is

Reginald Nelson's picture
Submitted by Reginald Nelson (not verified) on

A That's 70s show episode would be great to see

Darius Crofts 's picture
Submitted by Darius Crofts (not verified) on

I am aware Adam west died today and the fact is very disheartening but i had an idea for a proper sendoff for the character of the show for canon proof he is dead in the show. Have Adam be kidnapped by the joker and gagged by a cloth or any object so he cannot talk, this makes it so any person can muffle his lines so it sounds legit, then batman comes in and tries to save him but gets Adam killed in the process.

lucas's picture
Submitted by lucas (not verified) on

1. peter throws a fit in a liquor store like kid because he wants a different brand of beer than the one lowis is buying.
2. peter, lowis, meg and chris swap genders or get a sex change operation by mistake.
3. peter gets bullied at work.
4. chris becomes bulimic
5. chris or meg start doing drugs

Brendan O.'s picture
Submitted by Brendan O. (not verified) on

Hi Family Guy,

Your Tinder episode inspired me to try Tinder. Unfortunately, the "Just send an eggplant and erupting volcano" method did not work.

Very disappointing.

Kate's picture
Submitted by Kate (not verified) on

Please do another episode of Viewer Mail. I have an idea for the show. Family Guy--GENDERBENT! I've seen an episode of this done on Futurama. I figured it'd be fun. Peter=Petra. Lois-Louis. Chris-Christine or Chrissy. Meg=Ron (lolz). Stewie=Stephanie. Quagmire=Glenda Vajmire. Joe=Joanna "Jo". Cleveland=Cleo. Tom Tucker=Tanya Tucker. Joyce Kenny=Kenny Joyce. Hm as far as what you come up with, Seth...let your creative mind do the thinking. I figured if the main characters hang out at a bar, maybe the 'girls' would hang out at a restaurant and drink wine.

Bader Abdullah's picture
Submitted by Bader Abdullah (not verified) on

1- stewie grows up goes to high school finds a job etc.
2- peter becomes a pornstar.
3- and get karl pilkington on family guy please.

thats all I've got i hope its helpful.

Marlon Lorijnen's picture
Submitted by Marlon Lorijnen (not verified) on

My questions are: I really like family guy in the first place. My mind just got wondered off today, watching the first seasons. Where is that HEROIC part of Joe? Remember episode 5? Where is that demonic Stewie, the somewhat cooler Brian (not only writing books but sipping and giving advices all day). I feel like some characters wandered off. I still like them. But when looking back I think, where are the originals. Didn't we follow the opinions of the watchers too much? A thing that ESPECIALLY Family guy shouldn't do because if this shows learns us one thing it's not giving a fuck about anything and living life to the fullest hahaha.

I'm just saying.
Heroic Joe, evil Stewie, the original Brian, may not have wondered off too far, but they were fun to start with. Maybe you should twist em back a notch, just for the fun of it.

Tarion  watkins's picture
Submitted by Tarion watkins (not verified) on

Can you do an episode about Richard Wagner!
I mean that Peter listens to Wagner's music and Broomhilde cheats on Siegfried with Peter. There are also References about fat couple sex (Fricka and Wotan are Fat because they eat fried chicken in Vahalla!)

Can you do a sequel to the Richard Wagner episode i suggested, compressing the story of the 15-16 hour opera epic The Ring of the Nibelungs into a gargantuan 2-3, maybe 4-5 hour special on Family Guy about Lois as Fricka, Stewie as Alberich, Brian as Loge, Peter as Wotan, Brians Girlfriends (i mean all of them) as the Valkyries! Chris as Donner, and the Rest of Quahog as the Nibelungs and other races and beings in the Ring. And Klaus from American Dad as Fasolt, Roger the Alien as Fafner, Steve from American dad is Mime, Stan from American dad as Siegfried, Francine from American Dad as Erda!, Jeff from American dad as Siegmund!, Haley from American Dad as Sieglinde.
You dont have to compress all of this in one special but 4-5, even 6-7, maybe 8, 1-2 hour specials premering until the Gotterdamerung Day where its 2 hour and 30 minute special.

I know it may take time!
Tarion Marsden-Watkins

Derrick King's picture
Submitted by Derrick King (not verified) on

Had a random idea for a joke. Lampreys are notorious for their resistance to evolution and change in environment. It could be a joke following peter saying something like "you're more stubborn than the lamprey" followed by a lamprey underwater and either another creature evolving next to him or an ice age happening above. Then he could say something like "Ha Haaa, nope." Or something like that.

Your mom's picture
Submitted by Your mom (not verified) on

Stop with the dog has no sense of time joke, it's getting old you Simpson ripoff hacks!

Ayo's picture
Submitted by Ayo (not verified) on

I think your show is pretty funny. However, the woman I love is Jewish, and we don't appreciate how you make fun of Jews. It sucks.

Unknown's picture
Submitted by Unknown (not verified) on

My idea for a new episode is going to be based off when Peter references other events such as," thats like when so and so did so and so".

Peter is having a convo with loius and the family at their table and Louis mentions someone at her knitting club was called a terrorist by jane from accross the street. Peter then states how muslims are so misunderstood. This then jumps to a scene where a man named akbar is packing up his bags and going to Hawaii and when he arrives and gets off the plane there is an attendant with his name on a sign saying "AKBAR" on it. Then the attendant yells out when he spots Akbar, Aloha-AKBAR! Aloha-AKBAR! Everyone surrounding the attendant runs away as fast as they can screaming.

Thats the scene.

Pascal's picture
Submitted by Pascal (not verified) on

Hi Family Guy, I'm a huge fan. The thing "Archer" caught on to was that they are entertaining teenage boys, so they made their women incredibly attractive. Family guy has the same audience. If Lois (and Bonnie) were made jaw dropping sexy/beautiful, it would increase ratings.
I hope you give this some thought.

Kelby's picture
Submitted by Kelby (not verified) on

You should make a Shrek episode on Family Guy

Xander Kaylan's picture
Submitted by Xander Kaylan (not verified) on

I am a HUGE fan of Family Guy! I have an idea for a new episode. Can you guys please do one where Stewie creates a miniature city in which all his action figures and stuffed animals live, and then he invents a way for them to come to life. Then, he and Brian shrink themselves down, enter the city, and spend some time hanging with the figures and animals. Maybe Rupert could finally talk!

Brooke's picture
Submitted by Brooke (not verified) on

Please please PLEASE do an episode where Peter becomes a Brony! :D


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