Miranda Lambert

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Miranda Leigh Lambert
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Gunpowder & Lead
The House That Built Me

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Miranda Leigh Lambert was born November 10, 1983 in Longview, Texas. At 16, Lambert appeared on the Johnnie High Country Music Revue in Arlington, Texas, the same talent show that had helped launch the career of LeAnn Rimes. Lambert then acquired a recording session in Nashville, but left the studio after she became frustrated with the "pop" type of music presented to her. She went back to Texas in 2000 and asked her dad to teach her how to play guitar, so she could write her own songs.

In 2002, Miranda and her father, Rick, met entertainment attorney Rod Phelps who had been instrumental in getting Garth Brooks, Chris Cagle and Rory Lee Feek to move to Nashville. Phelps was impressed with the Lamberts and sent letters and demos to producer and record executive Mark Wright and Garth's manager, Bob Doyle. Their positive responses convinced Miranda to return to Nashville. In 2003 she auditioned for the talent competition Nashville Star, where she earned a third-place finish. On September 15, 2003, she signed with Epic Records.

Lambert made her debut with the release of "Me and Charlie Talking", the first single from her 2005 debut album Kerosene. Since then Lambert has had much chart success with her latest and her fifth album, "Platinum", in June 2014. The album was preceded by the lead single, "Automatic," which hit top 4 on the Country charts. The album’s second single, "Somethin' Bad", features Carrie Underwood.

In 2011, Lambert married fellow country singer Blake Shelton


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Hi Miranda my name is Shianna McClendon I am a12year old blind girl from grass valley ca and I would like to sing with you sometime. I'm your biggest fan. May God bless you.

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I don't know if you actually read these but I've been wanting to write to you for a while about your song "Over you". the first time I heard it I think I cried for an hour. A year ago my everything passed away driving my car he died February 9th and we had just reconnected in December over Christmas your song word for word describes the situation and how I handled it. your words "mid-february shouldn't be so scary it was only December I still remember the presents the tree you and me" shot through my heart like a bullet but it was a good cry. I was so angry for so long and you say "you went away how dare you I miss you". Also you talk about the records and how he didn't mean to give them away. Well when Casey died we lived together and I was in charge of what to do with his possessions and he had all these old records(vinyl), like bob Marley ect. He was so proud of them. I couldn't bring myself to give them away. And I lived alone in the house we had for about 6 months after he passed. The song quote "living alone here in this place, I think of you and I'm not afraid." It almost felt like I saw his ghost in every corner of the house and it was almost comforting.

I realize you might not have written the song, but I honestly could not imagine a better performer for it. I love your voice, and your attitude. You seam like a very respectable woman. Congratulations to you for your success. Thank you for being a good role model to young girls, and of course the beautiful song.
Have a nice day. :)

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Miranda, I was so shocked on your split from Blake! I have been following it since it started, and quite honestly, I am so sick of seeing all these articles gushing over Gwen and Blake! Gwen actually used to be one of my favorite artists, but this whole scenario has just given me such a negative feeling toward both of them. It's just so disrespectful, this flaunting! I wish I could see more about you in the news. I feel for you, having gone through a divorce in 2013, that my husband literally stepped from me right to the next woman. It makes me angry seeing all this splashed all over the news with no regard for how you are doing, let alone how it might be making you feel. And really, what normal, healthy person can look at that rebound relationship and see it as anything exciting anyway?! I love your music, and I love your style and persona! I wish I could give you a big hug of support! Stay strong, lady! :)

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Young lady I am a 65 hr old disabile marine with a very bad heart how in the world can any man leave a btyful talent woman as you he has to be brain dead sorry I have not had a chance to see you live just can't afford it but your show is worth every dollar I live in desloge mo if you r ever around St Louis let me know I will try my best to make it to your show stay tough his new what ever she is not even close to you your bty and you out class her by far. You don't have to answer me I know you r just to busy keep it up you r great thanks

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Dear, Miranda Lambert My Name Is Mackenzie Genanatti I'm From longview Washington I live in Longview Washington and I'm 18 years old. Your song over you is very touching to me as a person because I know how it feels to loose someone u love about 4 years ago my bowling couch Norm passed I knew he had diabetes or something like that ge was really sick when he died he died in 2012 and that when over you came out and when I first heard over you I really felt a connection to the song it was a sad connection but also at the same time it was a happy connection so in the end I'm glad I felt that connection and every time I here over you I think of norm he was the best couch in the world he was more than a couch to me he was like my best friend u love him so much I missue you couch Norm. YOUR IN A better place now you with the angles I'm miss you to death but I would never be a better bowler today if it wasn't for you so thank you norm. WELL Miranda Lambert that was my story and thank you I'm a huge fan I love u and look u to you.

Sincerely Your Number 1 fan Mackenzie Lynn Genanatti

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Dear Miranda Lambert I'm getting to see you in concert for the first time ever I'm going to be at the Seattle Washington concert at the centrey link field supper excited I would love to meet u I'm a a huge Miranda lambert fan if I could put any clebritys poster in my room it would be of you that how much I love u I whant to me you so bad miranda I would love to have my picture taken with u and I whant to get on stage with u aND sing with u

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Hello Miranda. After our 14 months of texting, I miss you a lot. I have been trying to get a hold of you after we broke up to see how you are doing. Do you remember me and my contact number?