Dove Cameron

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Liv & Maddie in Disney's "Liv & Maddie"

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Cameron was born in Seattle, Washington on January 15, 1996. At the age of eight, she began acting in community theater. Then when Cameron was fourteen she moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting professionally. There she attended Burbank High School and sang in their National Championship Show Choir.

Since 2013, Dove has starred in the dual lead role of Liv and Maddie in the Disney Channel original series "Liv and Maddie." The show premiered on September 15, 2013. The pilot episode gained 5.8, which was the most-watched in Total Viewers in two and a half years. Cameron has also starred in "Cloud 9" with Luke Benward, which premiered on January 17, 2014.


Abrams Artists Agency
750 North San Vicente Blvd. East Tower
11th floor
Los Angeles, CA 90069


mallory's picture
Submitted by mallory (not verified) on

dear dove comeron i love you as a actress and a singer your beautiful and kind you have a wonderful voice i just wish i could see you in person in liv and maddie and desendents your a wonderful actress and no matter what enybody says about you that is really rude always remember that it doesnt matter what they think it matters what you think and the thing i really like about you is that you inspired me that i can do enything if i believe i hope you enjoy your life being an actress and singer and p.s watch out for poparatze lol haha oh and remember im 10 if you can inspire me then you can inspire enyone.

Isaac's picture
Submitted by Isaac (not verified) on

Hi dove I a big fan of yours .

Clarissa Jones's picture
Submitted by Clarissa Jones (not verified) on

Hi Dove!! I am a hiuge fan of your work! As a matter of fact, I am your biggest fan!!! I especially love your song that you shared with Lauren Donzis "One Second Chance"! So I have a birthday July 12 and I was wondering if you could come and celebrate it with me!! I'm turning 11!!

Nathan Pouliot's picture
Submitted by Nathan Pouliot (not verified) on

I love watching Disney Channel, you are very good in the show Liv And Maddie, and the Movie Descendants, I'm your biggest fan, If you are not Busy Do you want to come over my House, if you do I will Interoduce you to my Family And Animals,

Cheyenne Burr's picture
Submitted by Cheyenne Burr (not verified) on

I wish I could meet u

Ananya Akruwala's picture
Submitted by Ananya Akruwala (not verified) on

Dove I think that you are really beautiful. I love your character Mal from Disney Descendants. I also love Spider-Gwen and appreciate your debut in Marvel Universe. I and my friend Smyrna Isaac are big fan of yours.
Love you <3 once again!

Chris Hemon's picture
Submitted by Chris Hemon (not verified) on

Hey Dove Cameron. My name is Christian Hemon and can i just say you are my idol i literally listen to all your songs from Liv and Maddie, Descendants and Hairspray Live. and i would love to hear from you on how to become an actor. thnx
Yours Truly
Christian Hemon

Moriah O&#039;cana's picture
Submitted by Moriah O'cana (not verified) on

Dear Dove, you are my fav actor, you make my day whenever Liv and Maddie comes on you are so funny and talented no matter how old you get I will always love you.

AMANDA RISO's picture
Submitted by AMANDA RISO (not verified) on

Hey dove. I just want you to know that i admire EVERYTHING you do. Keep on reaching for the stars
Also can you please come to NJ so I can meet you =)

Tom Jablonski's picture
Submitted by Tom Jablonski (not verified) on

Hello Miss Cameron,

I am writing you to tell you about your biggest fan; my 7 year old daughter. Her name is Maggie Rose and she just adores you. She loves the movie Descendants, she dressed as Mal for Halloween, Liv and Maddie is her favorite show,(she watches it non-stop on Netflix), and she was stunned to learn that it is ending. She also loved you in Hairspray and was thrilled when you sang in a parade in Chicago, (we live in its suburbs).
So, in short, thank you for entertaining my child. I really appreciate it.

Tom Jablonski

Arsema's picture
Submitted by Arsema (not verified) on

You are amazing I love you do much. You are my favorite. I love you so,so,so,so,so much. Please text me back dove!!!! I am 9 and I love you more than anything.

Max Flinchum's picture
Submitted by Max Flinchum (not verified) on

I love you Dove. I always will love you. I hope we get a chance in the future to meet one day. Love You

Max Flinchum's picture
Submitted by Max Flinchum (not verified) on

Dove can you reply back please I love you and will always will.

Heath Rowland's picture
Submitted by Heath Rowland (not verified) on

I have watched every episode of Liv and Mady twice and I have watched dicendece around five times. Today I surched how to meet Dove Cameron and I found this so I realy hope you see this. I want to meet you so much and am male. I was also born in Los Angeles and I play guitar and sing and I soon hope to act. So thank you Dove for inspiring me.
Love ya Heath Rowland


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