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Aubrey Drake Graham
hip-hop, rap
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"Best I Ever Had"
"Started From the Bottom"

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Drake is a rapper, songwriter, and actor. He was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and first garnered recognition for his role as Jimmy Brooks on the television series Degrassi: The Next Generation. He later rose to prominence as a rapper, releasing several mixtapes like Room for Improvement before signing to Lil Wayne's Young Money Entertainment in June 2009.


Aubrey Graham
William Morris Endeavor Entertainment
9601 Wilshire Blvd.
3rd Floor
Beverly Hills, CA 90210-5213


Caleb King Brown's picture
Submitted by Caleb King Brown (not verified) on

Wassup Drake.....my name is Caleb Brown. I'm from a small town called South Boston in Virginia. I be spending most of my time writing rhymes if not just be chillin with the fam. I mean I'm not an Aubrey Graham but I am pretty good with an ink pen, that is, when I'm thinkin' hard on what I wanna say. Alot of the time I jus be in a daze or so my people say. Lol But anyway I jus thought I'd write you this letter today to explain some of the things I've always wanted to say to you. I was thinkin it'd be cool to be signed with you and the rest of the dudes on the label of the OVO sound radio crew. Maybe it's too unpredictable and I should stop wishing.

Kim kalcher 's picture
Submitted by Kim kalcher (not verified) on

Hi drake my name is Kim and I am sending this to you on behalf of my 2 daughters who are aged 14 - 15 years old they absolutely love u and all your music and would love to see U We are a very close family and just resently have had some very bad news there dad my partner has been informed that he has orstioarthriris and they have been so upset but strong as well I was wondering if there would be any chance u would plz help them with some tickets to see u there are my rock as well as an inspiration to my little girl who is 4 x thank u for your time

GG's picture
Submitted by GG (not verified) on

I was born there, but now I live in Ontario, Kitchener. I love your songs and " baby I love your style". Well this is about two Cuban kids that are very talented: Yomil and Danny. They have being lied to, used...you what happens in the music world. Please check them out! Miami is crazy about them.They could make good money to anyone that promote them. They need your influence and they could improve and get so far. Their style is reggeaton, but something can be arranged. Please use your pinky finger to help them and I know that would change their world and that will contribute with Cuban rhythm to your already catchy music. Please visit Cuba!!!! Thanks.

Kristen and paige 's picture
Submitted by Kristen and paige (not verified) on

loved the restaurant, love Canada,
Thanks for great music.

Alexis's picture
Submitted by Alexis (not verified) on

Hey Drake I just wanted to ask you about that song Portland. What Portland are you talking about? Like Portland, Maine or Portland, Oregon.

Daniel simpson's picture
Submitted by Daniel simpson (not verified) on

I wrote some lyrics bro and I believe u could use so words or phrases from it in your song.just something to keep in mind

Linda Romero's picture
Submitted by Linda Romero (not verified) on

Drake my sister is 38 she is A HUGE FAN, I'm sure everyone says that & you probably get these kinds of messages often too. My sister 's name is Rose Ann we live in Fort Collins, CO. She attended your concert here in Denver two summers ago. I know your busy with appearances, life in general which is busier than us normal people, but if there's anyway you can find it in your busy schedule to fly here & see my sister that would be her dream. She's been very ill since last year & just days ago doctors told us she's now at end stage kidney & liver failure. I would take her place if I could because she's my baby sister but I know I'll be losing her much sooner than I ever imagined. Please contact me by email if it's something you could consider. I'd be forever greatly.

Leroy's picture
Submitted by Leroy (not verified) on

What's up man even tho we close in age u inspire me a lot I go though a lot of things in life just like any other person but you different then these artist out here..you can tell what you saying is just real and genuine.Im 28 kind of having hard but I'm still pushing just wish it was some how possible I can meet you something.I have a 7 year old son all he listens to is Drake you change people's life truly wish it was a way I can work for you are something to change my life lol but hope you read this man.(Best Rapper Alive)

tina facca's picture
Submitted by tina facca (not verified) on

my daughter emily is crying, and so am i now. please don't quit, drake she is the most special person to me and you are hers!!!

love emily and tina

Kp's picture
Submitted by Kp (not verified) on

Drake just wanted to tell you we share the same birthday 10/24/1986. 31 this year! Hope it’s fun and you enjoy ! I’ll turnt up for the both of us!

Janel 's picture
Submitted by Janel (not verified) on

For the sacrifices it took in such a tainted industry...thank you. For the countless hours of dedication to your craft and perfected composition...thank you. For consistently reminding the masses of God in the midst of Satan...thank you. For the representation of your lyrical genius, and a reminder that hip-hop will continue to thrive, rather than die with the era...thank you.

Prch@icloud.com's picture
Submitted by Prch@icloud.com (not verified) on

So proud of a person who has given money and resources to people who just can’t do it on their own. That demonstrates who you are as person more than any lyrics ever will.Tell your mom to be proud of who you are because this definitely reflects on who she is as a parent. God’s Plan indeed.

Muhammad Hasan 's picture
Submitted by Muhammad Hasan (not verified) on

Hey Drake.. my name and my wife name is Muhammad and Julie hasan .. we are from Kitchener ontario.. we are such a HUGE fans of you..even my daughter she's 18 month she love some of your song.. I just want to say we highly wish one day we meet with you that would be the best day of our life.. and it's really great of what you did in Miami..you will be rewarded for that 10 times more.. we all love you drake...

Dee's picture
Submitted by Dee (not verified) on

To whom ever wrote Drake to the address above did he ever write back??
Or did his assistance write back cause im a big fan tryna get into with my baby drake..

Kimbalie sterling 's picture
Submitted by Kimbalie sterling (not verified) on

Hi, and good day Drake it was my first time watching your video God's plan it really touch my heart to see how many people you helped and the love you show to your people I literally shred tears to see how much help people need in this world.

Victor Alamo - Clemente's picture
Submitted by Victor Alamo - ... (not verified) on

My life down the drain just wondering if you help brody out

Cj's picture
Submitted by Cj (not verified) on

Jus need to say this im a huge fan but wats 1 ikr but ur one person who actually helps other ppl out and i jus wanna ty man ur doin so.much gud for communities and ppl this is y fux witchu cuz u didnt forget about us ppl who aint got shit happy 420 btw from Gastonia or the gas house lol

Glory ortiz's picture
Submitted by Glory ortiz (not verified) on

Hi drake my name is glory am from Allentown pa,the reason of me writing to is one love your songs and you ,especially God's plan how you help so many people out that's a blessing,I have a 26 yr brother that is in the hospital due to brain injury it all started March 14th 2018 ,when his heart stopped at his place he was living at Harrisburg pa ,due to the fact he went out to change his life because he was on drugs and he cleaned him by a program out there he's been clean for a year and this happens we need help in bringing him home to Allentown but don't have the expense to transfer him and we also need guardianship for him if not the state would care for him,if you can help my family out it would be a blessing ,hope you get this message ,my number is 4847847055,if you would like to reach me God bless


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