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I'm Kimberly and am a huge extreme heavy-metal fan, especially Iron Maiden. I'm forty-nine and have kept with them and listened to their music for two decades. One member I was especially attached to was the late great Clive Burr, Maiden's now deceased ex-drummer. I will forever miss that sweet man and he was not only nice, but a thunderous drummer, kind of reminiscent of the late Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham. Iron Maiden still to this day, rule the heavy-metal world and be my all-time favorite band...Love Kimberly Ann Rogers XO

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Wow what a composer, I think he tot himself how to play, with a major disability. @&$@ he's good!!!!!!! He's on YouTube, composed on the spot. He's under Len Susko.

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ive been a big iron maiden fan since the beginning seeing them on tour and i listen to there music everyday and watch there videos.they are the greatest band ever period even after all these years performing they still sound the same to me as when they started.i am so excited about the new tour and cant wait till they come back to canada as right now i work as a local roadie and our company worked with there crew last year setting up lights and stage equipment. long live iron maiden merry christmas and have a happy new year

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