Seth Meyers

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Seth Adams Meyers
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Saturday Night Live Weekend Update
Late Night with Seth Meyers

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Seth Meyers is an actor, voice actor, screenwriter, producer, television host and comedian. He is a former head writer for NBC's Saturday Night Live and hosted its news parody segment Weekend Update. Meyers currently hosts the talk show Late Night with Seth Meyers, which premiered on Monday February 24, 2014, on NBC.


Seth Meyers
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Peggy's picture
Submitted by Peggy (not verified) on

My Husband and I have enjoyed watching your show and seeing you entertain. My husband also is alumni from Northwestern with a Masters and a PhD in Communications. What I am not appreciating right now is your Whole program on how you hate Trump! This was a long crueling election and quite frankly I'm very very tired of your whiney butt disrespectinh him. He is the President of our United States now no matter what you say is not going to change this. And I for one will not continue watching your show any more especially if you try and whip a dead cow!! Let's get back to your fun way of your TV show. PLEASE!!! Let's be more entertaining again for America!!! I do hope you read this and maybe change your way! Tired of the same ol Sheeeeee it!

Paula's picture
Submitted by Paula (not verified) on

I am not sure why you wrote about your husband's high level of education but thank you for that. Now that we are enlightened and aware of how educated he is (thank you again), maybe he could sit you down and teach you how to spell.

Gregory game 's picture
Submitted by Gregory game (not verified) on

Hillary lost , so please put on ur big boy pants and grow up!! Let go of the hate u have for hard working middle class Americans.

Sarah Bewley's picture
Submitted by Sarah Bewley (not verified) on

You need to grow up and stop ragging on Trump. Trump HAS MORE TALENT, KNOWLEDGE and SUCCESS IN HIS LITTLE FINGER THAN YOU COULD POSSIBLY EVER HAVE!!!! He obviously knows what the hell he is doing just look at what he has done with his assets. Our country is headed down the best path we have seen in decades!! Hillary is a CROOK and a scammer against Americans. Didn't you UNDERSTAND WHY THEY WERE GOING TO PRESS CHARGES AGAINST HER? INDICT HER? She was SECRETLY SELLING OURCOUNTRYS URANIUM? Claimed to be donating money to "NON-PROFIT" Organizations...AKA THE CLINTON FOUNDATION!!! She's a piece of SHIT! SHE PAID PEOPLE TO START RIOTS WHEREVER TRUMP WAS CAMPAIGNING AT?TRYING TO RUIN HIS CREDIBILITY? She PAID TO KNOW WHAT THE DEBATE QUESTIONS WERE GOING TO BE SO SHE COULD RESEARCH WHAT THE BEST ANSWER WOULD BE? She's a dumb bitch! She only wants what's Best FOR THE CLINTONS. NOT WHATS BESTFOR OUR COUNTRY. Obama is a Muslim doing nothing but trying to ruin out country. He has like 3 birth certificates! 80% of his campaign money came from a towel head country. Understand? Think hard before you go supporting people that aren't 200% patriotic

Paula's picture
Submitted by Paula (not verified) on

If your education level is higher than grade 4...sue the school-board!! must have gotten your education for Trump's 'Fake University', One of the most fraudulent things I have ever heard of! He also raped a 13year old girl You don't have a clue!! There is not one legitimate accusation in your whole comment! Since you are such a fan maybe you should respond to these things:
Is it ok that he is a sexual predator? Is it ok that he committed fraud against thousands of students? Is it ok that he says he likes to grab women by the pussy? Is it ok that he cheated and the only reason he won was because he had the Russians help him illegally? Is it ok that he lied about the murder rate? Is it ok that he insults people because of how they look? Is it 'cool' that he talked about his ratings on the Apprentice during a PRAYER?? Is it ok that he hates people based on religion and tried to keep them out of the country..Which thankfully did not work because there are people above him that won't tolerate his unethical behavior towards others!! Is it ok that he lied about handing his business operations over to his sons and actually still maintains control over some of them? Is it ok that he made fun of a disabled reporter? Is it ok that he thinks the says global warming is a hoax that the Chinese made up? Why on earth did he say that his inauguration was the most attended ever? OMG what an idiot! He is accused by 12 women for committing sexual assault, is that ok to you, because we all know he did...he bragged about it! Is it ok that he wants the military to commit war crimes? He went bankrupt 6 times and you trust him to run the country?? Do you still think he's going to build a wall and Mexico will pay for it?? lolol.. But seeing how you can't read or write, and call people 'towel heads' makes it very clear that you do find 'hate' appealing. Go learn the word 'impeached', you're going to be hearing it a lot you racist PIG!!

Dennis Garich's picture
Submitted by Dennis Garich (not verified) on

Stephen Colbert & Seth Meyers
I am a 71 year old white male life long Republican. I change to independent when we lost 5000+ kids in 2 bad wars.

I wanted to suggest that Monday night you could take the time and show the results of the positive vote for the conformation for James Mattis and John Kelly. They seem like great choices for their new roles. The results were 98 to 1 and 88 to 12 which would show bipartisan in the process.
If you would tell the audience and the viewing public the results of the conformation vote during the week showing the voting Senators by Party, name and state for the following President picks for conformation.
Jeff Sessions--Tom Price--Steven Mnuchin and Andrew Puzder.
Since the woman's march all over the world Saturday and President Trump popularity poles, these Senators just might wake up and vote for their conscience rather than party.
Two others:
Rex Tillerson highly respected, wrong job and wrong time.
Betsy Devos seems silly when she justified guns in schools for shooting bears.
On you tube, search for "Conformation Hearings" an d you will find the swamp is getting bigger.
My local paper shows the votes of my 2 senate guys, but it's on section 2 and the last pages.You guys have a great following to the viewing public. If you show these results on your show, most newspapers will pick it up and spread it to the first few pages of the paper reading public. It just might make the difference.
Thank you in advance,
Dennis Garich

Sheila's picture
Submitted by Sheila (not verified) on

Thank you so much for providing fans with the opportunity to laugh in the face of political insanity. Anyone who doesn't enjoy your show doesn't have to watch. I look forward to your show every day!

Steve's picture
Submitted by Steve (not verified) on

The Donald Trump thing is getting really OLD…

We very much enjoy Jimmy Fallon’s monolog and the fun that he has with Trump. But Seth’s approach is very different in that he doesn’t do anything but Trump jokes and these joke are clearly meant to be hurtful and not funny. It seems to be a very personal and hateful attack on Trump instead of comedy. We can’t and don’t watch any longer as we am looking for some comedic relief from our everyday stresses.
My advice: mix it up a bit. Actually do some real comedy involving something not Trump related. Making people laugh is the point not bashing someone who you clearly just don’t personally like.

Good luck with it and PLEASE stop the Trump Hate Agenda for you careers sake.

Paula's picture
Submitted by Paula (not verified) on

I don't think that Seth needs any advice from you, check the ratings!

Bob's picture
Submitted by Bob (not verified) on

You should consider changing the name of your show to the Trump Hate Show...

riz's picture
Submitted by riz (not verified) on

I have NEVER written a fan mail in my life but I am so compelled to thank you Seth Myers for sharing with us the actual daily HORRORS of Trumps outrageous and insane...( will not write the word next to his ... ) while simultaneously making us laugh. We so need to laugh.
Thank you so much Seth
Be safe be happy be well

Shaun's picture
Submitted by Shaun (not verified) on

What was the song Regina played? Was it "The ghost of Tom Joad"? If not, sure sounded like it.

jenny's picture
Submitted by jenny (not verified) on

It's time to find a new host. You are not funny, entertaining, or interesting.

B. Thomas's picture
Submitted by B. Thomas (not verified) on

Look, I enjoy a good night comedy show tremendously. Politics will always play a part in our lives and we will live with the democracy that we have and will always live under. That is what makes America and the land we live in great. Your show has become impossible to watch because it is so one sided, you are ruling out half the country with your constant political one sided views against the party that won the election. you have lost me as a viewer and you will continue to lose so many viewers that your show will lose. it is exhausting and obviously you are using your outlet for personal beliefs. its disgusting. if you want to retain your show I would suggest less political one sided views. maybe im completely wrong but just one average american's feeling . it is pretty disgusting how one sided you are.

marina ashworth's picture
Submitted by marina ashworth (not verified) on

he will not lose me, he will be continuing with his political pundits because there is so much fuel to put on the fire....
he has my respect and since I am one of those that Pres Small Hands will hurt, I get to laugh my butt off as I please....
you might switch channels and watch something more appropriate to your mental capabilities and sensitivities, as is your right ....but leave the rest of us with a sense of time and intelligence the chance to enjoy the ride....we ride the roller coaster, not the kid rides

Dissatified's picture
Submitted by Dissatified (not verified) on

Just wanted to let you know you are still an asshole.

marina ashworth's picture
Submitted by marina ashworth (not verified) on

Thank you so much for your biting and wonderful spots on The Donald.
I am one of the 20M that will be disenfranchized by The Donald's moves against ACA.
I worked 46 yrs, paid MY taxes for 46 yrs, do volunteer work now and have been placed on disability due to medical conditions that are taxing to me ( pun intended)
I am terrified of this man (not much of a man) and what he is doing to our country.....
His quotes for my insurance premiums are exactly what I get from disability, I can barely survive now and he will gleefully take away all that I have, including my dignity
So.....thank you for making me laugh! I have never watched your show before and now that I have found you, you have a new are personable, funny as hell, witty and a flippin' joy to watch.... me and others like me who will succumb to our maladies since we will not be able to afford a doctor/ will not deter The Donald from perfecting his golf game, he needs a lot of practice to swing with a small heart and very small hands (hhhmmmm, small hands, small (*&^)

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