Rick Riordan

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Richard Russell Riordan, Jr.
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Percy Jackson series

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Richard Russell "Rick" Riordan, Jr. (born June 5, 1964) is an author best known for writing the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series. He also wrote the adult mystery series Tres Navarre and helped edit Demigods and Monsters, a collection of essays on his Percy Jackson series. He helped develop the ten books of The 39 Clues series and wrote the first book in the series, The Maze of Bones. In 2012, he completed a trilogy focusing on Egyptian mythology, The Kane Chronicles, and, in 2014, completed The Heroes of Olympus, the sequel to the Percy Jackson series that focuses on Roman and Greek mythology. He is also planning to write a series based on Norse mythology.


Rick Riordan
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Aditya Nakadi's picture
Submitted by Aditya Nakadi (not verified) on

Hello Sir! I am a great fan of yours. I love the you bring twists and turns in your books. I only want to ask that if you can write a book on the Trojan War or the Odyssey or the Iliad

Travis Anderle's picture
Submitted by Travis Anderle (not verified) on

I have an idea for your next book series if you haven't already thought of it. Why don't you make it on Chinese Gods. You don't have to do it but it might be s good idea.

Taniya's picture
Submitted by Taniya (not verified) on

Hi sir, I am a big fan of your heroes of olympus and percy jackson series. But I don't know what really happened to leo valdez after blood of olympus. You could have written the ending as leo rescuing calypso and returning to camp half blood. Lea and Piper are my favourite characters

Leo's Bae's picture
Submitted by Leo's Bae (not verified) on

If I may speak for myself and many, many others, Mr.Riordan wrote an ending that was not only clear, but it left me smiling for the rest of the day. Maybe you should re-read the novel because Leo DID in fact rescue Calypso!

Jamie's picture
Submitted by Jamie (not verified) on

Hi Taniya
I know im not Rick Riordon but Leo and Calypso go to camp halfblood on page 344 or 348 in the Trials of Apollo, The hidden oracle

Unknown's picture
Submitted by Unknown (not verified) on

Not Lea; Leo.

#TeamLeo's picture
Submitted by #TeamLeo (not verified) on

Read the Trials of Apollo. You'll find your answers there. ;)

Olivia Heppner's picture
Submitted by Olivia Heppner (not verified) on

Hey Mr. Riordan, I was reading the first 5 books again earlier, and I noticed that the first word in the first book and the last word in the 5th book are "Look Back". Is there a hidden message here? Something written in the earlier books I should "look back" for? Or was this just a random coincidence? Please respond if you get the chance.

Brandon's picture
Submitted by Brandon (not verified) on

There was said in The Lost Hero by Aelous, about Jason needing some help from him before to find some monster, why don't you write a series for Jason's story before The Lost Hero, like his attack on Mount Othrys. So I believe that it would be interesting for a Heros of Olympus pre-quel Jason's story series, starting from when Jason got to Camp Jupiter, to the attack on Mount Otyrys. It could be called something like "Jason Grace Hero of New Rome." I just think it would be better for the other readers to know Jason's story from before he was introduced.

CFoord14's picture
Submitted by CFoord14 (not verified) on

Over the years I have adored reading your mythology books, ever since I read your first Percy Jackson book I have been in love with the Greek, Norse and Egyptian mythology so i just wanted to thank you for helping me realise my passion for mythology. I think that you should:
-bring Biance de Angelo back into the stories
-have another rebellious like Ethan and Luke Castellan
-build more cabins like the wind Gods
-And a power for the children of Apollo could be flames of the sun. These powers could create disease and heal
My favourite book of yours is The Titans Curse, I loved it so much because it was the first story were I felt like Annabeth and Percy were in love. I would really like to hear your views on my ideas.

CFoord14's picture
Submitted by CFoord14 (not verified) on

when I said rebellious like, I meant another rebellious demigod

charlie millinger's picture
Submitted by charlie millinger (not verified) on

Hi I am Charlie Millinger from Helsby high school in England and I would like to ask you what inspires you to write and where you get your ideas from. I'd be really happy if you can get back to me
thank you

Fuzz's picture
Submitted by Fuzz (not verified) on

The only book of yours I have yet to read is the Trials of Apollo (it should come in the mail today) and it was a total cliff-hanger at the end of the Blood of Olympus book because everyone thinks Leo is dead. And a year later when Greeks and Egytians cross, Percy thinks, "I'm getting tired of making new friends and then having to say good-bye, especially since some of them never come back." I saw this as a reference to Leo among other characters, honestly when I was reading the Crown of Ptomely I was half expecting (or maybe it was just hoping) that all the sudden Leo would swoop down on Festus and scare the carp out of everybody and be like, "Aw man, you started the party without me?" (Or something like that) then help them kick lunatic-Elivis's butt. When will he show up? I'm waiting for the book where he shows up and startles the crap out of everybody, better than Percy did during his funeral. And are we ever going to see members of the other seven again?
Also, I feel like you are going to make a series with heroes from all of your mythology books with Annabeth as the linchpin. She knows everybody, she's friends with the Kanes, friends with the Romans, and her freak in cousin is the freak in son of Frey and atthe end of the book Magnus loses the bet about who had a crazier life. So my thinking is that if Annabeth knows all of the mythologies and all of the mythologies know of at least one other mythology, wouldn't there he shone huge world crisisthat calls on all of them to join together and defeat the ultimate enemy?

Fuzz's picture
Submitted by Fuzz (not verified) on

Sorry about all of the typos, I was doing this on my kindle and the keyboard has some issues, and I was in such a rush that I forgot to proofread it. But, I still think you get the idea.

briana spriggs's picture
Submitted by briana spriggs (not verified) on

Dear rick Riordan, You are my role model for pusuing my dreams as an author. I love to write. you also gave me the interist in greek mythology. Im obsessed with the greek gods. my question is if you like greeks as well.

briana spriggs's picture
Submitted by briana spriggs (not verified) on

thank you for teaching me so much i wish i owned copies of your books but i dont.

Ali's picture
Submitted by Ali (not verified) on

Hi Mr. Rick Riordan can you please tell me what book should I read out of your Percy Jackson series after Blood of Olympus because I'm not sure. I love your Percy Jackson books so much I read the first five books in 2 weeks and when I was camping I even read for five hours straight in my mom's car. Someday can you come to the Barnes and Noble bookstore in Deerpark IL? Please respond to my questions, I will be checking everyday. From your truly biggest fan. Ali

#festus is the best's picture
Submitted by #festus is the best (not verified) on

Ali, I would like to let you know that you are not Rick's biggest fan - that would be me

Jake Pine's picture
Submitted by Jake Pine (not verified) on

I love all your books, you inspired me toj start writing, I am a huge fan. Please give me some advice, how do I keep writing, I just stop after a while.

John's picture
Submitted by John (not verified) on

Hello...I love your earlier books but I no longer can read them nor will my children continue to read them. You have so much sin in your books now trying to promote that it's ok to be gay or lesbian. Like in your new apollo books. As a author I should expect that you have read the greatest book of all time and that's the Bible. I know all sin is equal but it is wrong to advocate sin. The children reading your book shouldn't have to read that it's ok to like the same sex. I wish u well in your future endeavors but I shall no longer buy anything you write.

yared 's picture
Submitted by yared (not verified) on

hi im a huge fan and I was wondering if you ever could come to Dallas Texas and go to Richland Elementry and visit. I would be really happy if you came I love all of your books currently reading trials of Apollo love your books and please visit it would be an honor.

Dasha Barysovich's picture
Submitted by Dasha Barysovich (not verified) on

Hello sir! I am one of your biggest fans, I've read every book you have wrote, and, so far, I loved them all! I was wondering if you could please write a book based on Russian mythology, and I would also LOVE it if you could visit Toronto, Ontario. Thank you so much for all of the amazing books you have wrote!!! From your biggest fan, Dasha B.

Alexis K's picture
Submitted by Alexis K (not verified) on

Mr. Riordan why did you want to start writing. I mean I have a few good book ideas but I would never write. Why did you? These questions are for a school assignment.

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