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Marshall Bruce Matthers III
hip-hop, rap
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"My Name Is"
The Marshall Matthers LP

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Marshall Bruce Mathers III (born October 17, 1972), better known by his stage name Eminem and by his alter ego Slim Shady, is an American rapper, record producer, songwriter, and actor. In addition to his solo career, Eminem is a member of his group D12, as well as one half of the hip hop duo Bad Meets Evil, alongside Royce da 5'9". Eminem is one of the world's best-selling music artists and is the best-selling artist of the 2000s. He has been listed and ranked as one of the greatest artists of all time by many magazines, including Rolling Stone magazine which ranked him 82nd on its list of The 100 Greatest Artists of All Time. The same magazine declared him The King of Hip Hop.


The "official" fan mail address, but people have said mail is being returned.
Shady Records,
270 Lafayette Suite 805,
New York, NY 10012

An older fan mail address which also has been returning mail lately.
The Schiff Company, Llc
9220 Sunset Blvd.
Suite 106
West Hollywood, CA 90069



Heather Hopf's picture
Submitted by Heather Hopf (not verified) on

I sent it to this Address and it was sent back and it said,not known unable to forward...????

Cory's picture
Submitted by Cory on

The Shady Records mailing address we have posted is correct based on my sources. But you can also try sending a letter to:
The Schiff Company, Llc
9220 Sunset Blvd.
Suite 106
West Hollywood, CA 90069

anon's picture
Submitted by anon (not verified) on

try interscope records. also, this shady records address doesn't return your letters:

Mr.Marshall Mathers
Shady records
151 Lafayette St, 6th floor
New York, NY 10013

Emily Dawn RIfe's picture
Submitted by Emily Dawn RIfe (not verified) on

I sent it to this Address and it was sent back and it said that Not Know unable to forward......????????

admin's picture
Submitted by admin on

Did you try the Shady Records address? That is the one that Eminem promotes on his website and FB page. The Schiff one has some reports of success, but may be outdated.

Anneliese's picture
Submitted by Anneliese (not verified) on

I also sent to shady records at Ny, NY and had it returned.

stan's picture
Submitted by stan (not verified) on

Marshall Mathers
151 lafayette st, 6th floor
new York, NY 10013

Doug Allen's picture
Submitted by Doug Allen (not verified) on

Hi there I didn't want to leave a homo ass reply. I'm not gonna kiss balls and say your a god. I've listened to you for as long as I can remember. I've got myself through anything I've had to. I've brought myself from one of the poorest places in my city through sack sweat and hard work. I know you get a million emails a day and mine just blends in. I hope you know I love your music and it's motivate me to rise up and do better. I won't bore you with hard ass stories that never end and kiss balls. Not me. I love your music and just wanted to say thank you!! Coming from a guy in my situation, you really helped. Thank you!! Hope my email finds you well and above all the weirdos and phonies. Thank you for speaking out and hope to Tty in the future. If I don't.....thank you. You really put things into perspective!

aiden's picture
Submitted by aiden (not verified) on

hay eminem if you get this im wondering if have a new song coming up or music video need to know

eminem's fan's picture
Submitted by eminem's fan (not verified) on

Eminem released "phenomenal" and a song with gwen somebody in the southpaw movie.
p.s. im not Eminem, just a fan

draygon188's picture
Submitted by draygon188 (not verified) on

yo it kings never die

Scorpio King AKA King Jason's picture
Submitted by Scorpio King AK... (not verified) on

[Song Tittle: 04-02-2016 King Jason Aka Scorpio King]
King Jason - This Is Me Now!
(Ft: Travis Barker, Kid Rock & Eminem Aka Marshall Mathers, Shady & Interscope Records 2016-04-01)

So Here it is... I did it for you Marshall Mathers, Well and my Grandmother too,
I finished the rest of the lyrics for the song I wrote. "It will have a Rock Guitar Tune In the background"
(Someone like Kid Rock & Travis Barker for the band) Kind of like how Kid Rock and Yelawolf
Made the song "Let's Roll" in 2012. I really think this song could be big for Hip-Hop Music And both of us.
"But then again I probably just have my head In the clouds" But oh well "yolo right!"
You only live once so might as well live in the moment and give It a shot or you'll never know ,
Just how thing's could of turned out. I have listened to you since I was 8 years old I'm 25 now,
So I have listen to you for 17 year's and I took some words from you, When I was thinking about,
The type of song I wanted to write. "You only get One Shot, One Opportunity"
I remember when you said In an interview, I watched on M.T.V, If there Is one song you go hard on,
You would give It your all and Put your heart and soul into It and you did It..
You showed the world how Marshall Mathers wasn't a failure... And wrote some of the worlds greatest songs
For the Hip Hop culture of Music. Well I made my own song like that and I know 90% of the time,
The people on the other end don't even read half of these emails or "I'm just talking to myself" But I know Shady Records.
And you "Marshall Mathers" signed 9 people to your record label at the moment.
As of April 1 st. 2016. But I feel like "If" you gave me a shot or the same chance Dr. Dre gave you,
I could be your 10 th. Artist signed to "Shady & Interscope Records." I have a lot of great ideas for some new music
Mixing two of the best kinds of music "Rock & Hip-Hop" And We could bring a whole new style of music to The Hip Hop & Rock culture,
But It's just a dream and thought I would go for it and send this email hope for the best,
Because you never know what tomorrow brings or what could happen in this crazy life right...
P.S I'm not 100% sure about the Hook yet but I think it could sound great with a professionals touch and feel
To It could even get your help to re-wright It if your interested in helping just a thought.
But My real name is... and don't laugh It Is a native name so yeah! "Scorpio Dallas Daniel Christopher Joseph King" No Joke.
I'm from a small town In "Ontario", Called "Belleville". It's In "Canada" close to "Napanee" where "Avril Lavigne" came from. you probably didn't care to know that but hey you helped me through a lot of bad time's growing up and I feel like your part of the family, "I could tell you anything" But any ways, Here Is the song I wrote. and don't worry it's nothing like "Justin Bieber's" Girlie ass Music,
Took me 10 year's of struggling and working my ass off to find the right words to make It, and make this song right,
The way I wanted it And your Inspiration as a musician to helped me pull It off. Hope you like It.
It's only the lyrics because I can not afford to record It "YET" and In the small town Im from.
It's hard to find a good studio to record In any ways.. And I know you said In the song syllables
That "It's not about the lyric's any more It's about a "Hot Beat" and a "Catchy Hook"
But not to me, To me It Is about the lyrics and I feel like Hip-Hop & Rock are dead and need someone to bring the spirit back,
But this could be It, This could be the song to bring it back, The big brake the music industry need's
To get people remembering why we started to write music and put are feelings on paper in the first place,
But not just for Hip-Hop but The Rock culture as well.. The best part is "Shady & Interscope records" Could be the founders and label,
To bring out yet another great style of music. I Mainly wrote the song for my grand mother who passed away in 2006.
And after watching "Straight Out Of Compton" this past year it just seems like the perfect time,
You could be my Dr. Dre and I could be your Eminem I even have 3 different names I go by just like you,
My Real Name:"Scorpio King" / Nickname: "Jason King" / Rap Tittle: "King Jason" Just like your three Names,
Real Name: "Marshall Mathers" / Nickname: "Slim Shady" / Rap Tittle: "EMINEM" So people will know who my inspiration was
Growing up as a kid In a small town and maybe inspire more people, Not just in my city but around the world to change and chase their dream's
and "Be the person, They set out to be" Change the world One Person at a time, But I have a certain way I want do this song,
and what band I want to do the background music. But I'm not famous and don't know many other singers in my city.
Well that are good any ways. But that is why I decided to write and send this email hoping someone on the other end is actually reading this...
and can see the image I have In mind, The thought I have floating around in my my head, what I'm getting at or where I'm coming from. I sent the lyrics too this email address [shady.records@email.interscope.com]

Me's picture
Submitted by Me (not verified) on

Why are people saying things that don't make any sense?!

Curtis 's picture
Submitted by Curtis (not verified) on

okay this will sound like every super fan, but thank you marshel! I am navy corpsman That has listen to your music since my second deployment'. please keep doing what you're doing it helps love Doc P

Abigail 's picture
Submitted by Abigail (not verified) on

hey, you know the song that you made for the girl I just wanna say it's awesome. It helps me going through tough times.

kenadee's picture
Submitted by kenadee (not verified) on

so where do send fan mail toooooo???????

Cory's picture
Submitted by Cory on

There are two addresses listed for Eminem near the top of the page. You can send fanmail to either one of them, but Eminem has a reputation of not replying, so don't expect to hear back.

Daisey75's picture
Submitted by Daisey75 on

Hi Marshall big shout out from Scotland,
Can relate with you Marshall in the song you say take my hand and come with me well my hands are here for you I have been clean relapsed a few but now it's the sleepers I need help from you

Crystal M's picture
Submitted by Crystal M (not verified) on

Didn't know if you been to my hometown or if you had a home here if so or if not you should it's a cool place! The Rock ask around southwest Florida and ull find it! Thanks

Charmaine's picture
Submitted by Charmaine (not verified) on

Thank you for bringing the Doctor back Sir. This old Lady is most appreciative. He, and you, sing (rap) to the soul of me

And what do you rhyme with orange? :-) four inch door hinge. Amongst several other word plays.

You give good word Marshall. As a nerdy type, that totally counts.


King Jason - Example rhyme's picture
Submitted by King Jason - Ex... (not verified) on

I rolling around squirting my juice like an orange, with a funky ass hair cut,
stabbed in the skull with a syringe, cause shit i'm off the rocker like I just took this door off it's hinge,
and marshall said, Set to blow college dorm rooms doors off the hinges
Oranges, peach, pears, plums, syringes VRINN VRINN Yeah, here I come
I'm inches, away from you, dear fear none Hip-hop is in a state of 9-1-1,

King Jason - scorpio king's picture
Submitted by King Jason - sc... (not verified) on

its not just about rhyming the words it's also about how you fit them
together and place them in the song, that makes it sound amazing and fit like a puzzle,
P.s the beginning should say I'm not "I" lol

Austin wyatt's picture
Submitted by Austin wyatt (not verified) on

Hey marshal Ik this is stupid to say and Ik that but ur my hero your music is an instrument that I have used to calm and understand what my life is doing to me so ty for all the time,pain and energy you have put into your work.

nikki's picture
Submitted by nikki (not verified) on

i would hope you would get this but reality of how many fans you have am sure odds are slim to none but there is a chance so, I just want to say thank you for making music that got me threw some of the hardest times in my life, and for keeping it real saying what you wanted to say not what
people wanted to hear.

crysta's picture
Submitted by crysta (not verified) on

hey man im a big fan and i hope i get something back but im having a really hard time now a days im only 13 and i dont like my family and i get picked on. i write rap like you and you are my role moddle. i think i have some real problems i dont feel any real feeling anymore not saddness not happyness not nothin i ripped all my posters of things so i turned them around and drew my nightmares like thing watching me in the darkness and like my soul being taken i dont know whats real anymore. got any addvice for me. and i have had thought if you know what i mean like bad thought. i really need help.

Naomi's picture
Submitted by Naomi (not verified) on

I know you wanna hear from Eminem, but my name is Naomi, and me and you are in the same fuckn boat in life. I'm numb to all feeling, every so often I get the feeling of anger or sadness though. I got picked on alot and bullied, and have been through some traumatizing shit. I'm 16 going on 17, but trust me I get u, even though you didn't write your whole life's story out, I swear I understand you. And as we speak I'm going through something really bad, and I'm so drained, life can feel like you are strait up living in hell. But listen, I don't know if you have anyone you can go to and talk to, but I'm here for you.

Listen tho, don't give up, I know it may seem pointless, and hopeless, and like it will never get better, but I swear it will. Your life is more important than you may realize, you're a beautiful creation, you have potential I'm sure, and there's a reason you're hear. Find strength to push through and keep pushing, I know it may sound easier said than done, but I'm going through shit too. Don't let all the negativity consume you. Sometimes darkness surrounds a star so that the star can shine bright through the sky of opportunity and potential, don't let the darkness dim your shine and consume you. I hope you get this and that you'll be okay. Stay strong.

Rebecca Mermaid Carter's picture
Submitted by Rebecca Mermaid... (not verified) on

Kia Ora. I am a bit of a Tarot card reader...a soothsayer or fortune teller if you will. I consider myself to be a Real Stand-Up Slim Shady as well. I took the Liberty of assigning you The Ace of Spades while I was imprisoned for "disorderly conduct" in The Summersville Regional Jail Sysytem of West Va (Sept. 2014).
I also invoked you as The Chief of the Huron Indians who hail from Michigan like you as far as my memory of Native American History serves. I hope this wish has brought you the prosperity and comfort that only La Fuerza Negra can provide. Please consider telling your friend Mr. Kanye West that I would make a good VP, should he ever throw his hat in the ring to become President of White America:) And should you ever meet Lil Wayne...could you tell him that he has been dubbed The Jack of Wands/Clubs in my Sacred Heart 4EVA. Love to love to love ya....love ya...love ya...love ya x

Kevin Zimmer's picture
Submitted by Kevin Zimmer (not verified) on

Marshall, I saw you in Auburn Washington on your anger management 3 tour...i was eyeballing you hard and i don't think you liked it too much..i was mouthing every word and doing your dance moves with my hands...you stopped the show and started doing some old snoop lyrics or something and looked me right in the eyes and my head literally fuckin exploded...I was guilty lol...Your music is literally the greatest thing i've ever heard in this waking reality...sometimes i even say i anticipating new eminem music is the only thing that keeps me from killing myself. I dont even know if your human..or from this dimension...all i know is that i have to meet you before i die. Whether your a hologram from a different dimension or some interplanetary extraterrestial...i believe you hold the key to a lot of answers. You are a god

A Fan's picture
Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on

you may never get this, or the subject may not be worthy. still, Mr. Mathers please look into G-Easy. he's got a flow that caught my attention. but other than 'me, myself, and i' his content, or presentation, is lacking. just thought you'd be the one to teach him. press would suck for you, but could make for a great release

Rayne's picture
Submitted by Rayne (not verified) on

Hey Mr.Mathers (Eminem), I know you most likely won't see this. But I'm going to say what I want anyway.
I've listened to you my whole life and I've been greatful for that. I've gotten through a lot because I needed to and I had the help of some music artists including you. I'm not sure what else to say other than thank you because there's so much to say. I just want and hope you to know that your music is amazing and helpful and inspirational. your music is also so much more, it's hard to find words. it is my life's dream to be a singer and basically you tell me through your music to give anyone who deny's me my dream the finger. And I love you for everything you are. You're amazing. You tell everyone to be whoever the hell they want to be and if someone disagrees well, fuck them. I like that in a person. I've always been the type to hide in the background though it's hard to get me out of my shell. A lot of aspects in my life made me antisocial. I've wanted to be social but I can't trust anyone, it's too damn hard. Most things nowadays are temporary, no one stays forever. And that sucks. But I know if I need it your music will always play for me and whoever else I need to listen to. i just want to say thank you for all that you have done and whatever else you do.
Victoria Rayne Key

5God's picture
Submitted by 5God (not verified) on

Very important and VERY pretensions.
The devil lies, in the details.
But I guess that's what I had to do, to make y'all rap. I mean; WOAH.
I make Zillions.
Here's the thing:

Don't you compare me, I don't see nobody near me...
I'm so young money. If you have eyes, look at me NOW.
Bitch, I could turn a crack rock into a mountain. They don't feel me, but they fear me. I'm Ill.

All I know, is if I die, I'm a motherfucking legend. It's too late for my city, I'm the youngest ninja rapping. Oh MY God.

And they don't have no award for that.

To quote a legend: "I am he is you are he is you ARE me. We are all together."

We all pay, for the sins of our fathers.

Cash money was good. Young money was better. I'M making that New Money happen. Don't forget it.

I've got the Mona Lisa smile. A quiet contempt.

I really came here with my family. Young money really taught me that.


Don't deny your destiny.

I should be accused of witchcraft.

Becky Kelly (Rocha Jones)'s picture
Submitted by Becky Kelly (Ro... (not verified) on

Dear Eminem, would you consider reinterpreting these songs. ?
Rocío Dúrcal - La muerte del palomo - España
Rocío Dúrcal y Juan Gabriel - Dejame vivir -
Juan Gabriel "Amor Eterno" live-

P.S. My husband & I rode our tandem by Torch Lake on the West Shoreline ride this summer. & I think I passed your summer place...so cool. Tanks 4 everything.

Scott's picture
Submitted by Scott (not verified) on

I've just received a personal hand written letter from him about his addiction . I shouldn't be giving this out but the return address is "34 castings avenue Falkirk , Stirlingshire Scotland" . He has a holiday home in Scotland that he uses as anew escape . I understand I might get in trouble for sharing this info but I think you will all appreciate it

Kr's picture
Submitted by Kr (not verified) on

Hey bro. Been listening for a long time and finally understand what you've been saying. Ill be preparing from now on. People think I'm crazy, but I know I'm smarter than that. See you after the light.

ahmed 's picture
Submitted by ahmed (not verified) on

Hello Mr. Marshall My name is Ahmed and I am one of your biggest fans I do not know that you will even read this letter But I want you to know that you read it I will have achieved my dream Actually your songs influenced me so that you are my only one and know that you take negatives and turn them into answers through your songs The name of the magnificence reminds you of thank you

Matthew Ullman's picture
Submitted by Matthew Ullman (not verified) on

Hey Em,
I write raps and am a rapper. I can send you some of my lyrics. I write rap all the time. I am white, I am 17 years old, turning 18 and people say I am better than you! I say no one is better than you. I've been doing this s*** since I was around 6 years old. People always ask me how the f*** I rap so fast and I say it's quite simple when you got it in you. I've been told I can't rap because I'm white and I've been through so much s*** in my life and that makes me push harder to reach my dreams. Here's a few bars off the top.

Skippin and flippin
and rippin and dippin
and liftin and eatin
these haters they s******

I chew them up
I spit them out
I get them out
My f***** mouth

cause I don't want them in my life no mo
especially when they be jealous a** ho**

Oh, wait, I'm sorry, did I just, did I just offend
I, I

I definitely meant to offend you
It's such ashame that I ever f***** met you
I never wanna be part of you
Cause I gotta lotta f***** s*** to do

you'se a b****
in every motha f***** language
I know hate is really strong
but I really motha f***** hate you

KAYLA (Song writer's picture
Submitted by KAYLA (Song writer (not verified) on

Hey eminem i aam a song writer myself and i was wondering if u had any idea of what to do i am your biggest fan.

Christina Wilson's picture
Submitted by Christina Wilson (not verified) on

My name is Christina Wilson and I just wanted to let you know that I fucking love you and I am a really huge fan of yours. I would love to meet you in person one day. I love all your songs and have listened to them everyday day since you started singing. I have all your albums and cd's. Love you boy

Seth Gore's picture
Submitted by Seth Gore (not verified) on

You're amazing can't really describe in detail but you are amazing and make my dxm trips so much better so I thank thee even though you probably wont see this haha.

The original fan's picture
Submitted by The original fan (not verified) on

I am speechless...a fan since the day I heard "My name is" when I was 13 years old and home from school sick. I never thought the day would come that I would have to erase you from all my Spotify playlists due to your ignorance and inability to stay out of politics...You? The guy who wants to live life under the radar now jumping in line with the rest of the limousine liberal celebrities? You know in my line of work you are told if you want to be able to be successful you will have keep your on personal beliefs and emotions out of it. It is something I struggle with everyday but I nonetheless manage to do it. You know why? Because I know at the end of the day my clients don't really care about MY personal feelings...and I don't get paid to tell them about them. No, they didn't come to me to hear that. They came to me to fix their problem. That's what I get paid for. And you Eminem, people bought your music to forget about the problems in this world and to channel their own inner "f--- off world" attitude. That's what you go paid for, Nobody (and I cannot stress this enough) NOBODY buys your music because they want to her your opinion on politics. I tried to pretend I didn't notice all your anti president nonsense...but this ahem, "line in the sand?"...well call me stubborn but I will remain on the other side of it. So disappointing to see this is how you chose to spend the latter years of your career. You should've just closed up shop at your age...I know then I would've still respected you. It's been real.

Richard Head's picture
Submitted by Richard Head (not verified) on

Hey Marshall,

You are a stink bag scallawag loser. Your Music? Blows.

A Fan's picture
Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on

Eminem-Meni me. Lol. Your too old. Lost your bold. Weak and inept. Try to accept. Tiny reverse without a New verse. Hold on to your dollar,cause your makin no more dollar.
Jesus is real! Don't get political no more... Amen and God with the big G,bless you Marshall.

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